Technology / Television (TV) / S-Video: A video signal that employs two channels: luminance (Y: namely brightness) and chrominance (C: namely color). It is referred to as Y/C. It falls between component and composite video in terms of quality.

S-Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / S-Video Cable: A video cable that produces better video quality than a composite cable, but not as good as a component cable. S-Video improves on composite by separating the color and luminance signals. MORE

S-Video Jack

Technology / Television (TV) / S-Video Jack: It is a standard definition video connection normally found on directv and Dish Network receivers: it supports better quality than composite video. MORE

Composite Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Composite Video Cable: A video cable with a single yellow plug (usually along with the red/white audio cables). Produces better quality than RF but not as good as S-Video. MORE

Component Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Component Video Cable: Currently the state-of-the-art in console video cables, separates the video into three wires that carry the red, green, and blue signals. These wires have five plugs, including the red/white plugs for MORE

Audio-Video Jacks

Technology / Television (TV) / Audio-Video Jacks: Standard definition Satellite TV system receivers would normally include three jacks: one for the video - composite or S-Video, and two for the sound - one for the right channel and one for the left. MORE