Satellite Dish

Technology / Television (TV) / Satellite Dish: A satellite dish is used to collect signals from a satellite in orbit and focus them to the front of the dish where a feed horn collects them and passes the signals on to the LNB to be amplified and sent to a satellite receiver.

Other Words for Satellite

Satellite Adjective Synonyms: moon, spacecraft, sputnik

Dish 1000

Technology / Television (TV) / Dish 1000: The DISH 1000 is a triple LNBF satellite dish that provides reception the using a dish face of 19'(H) x 24' (W) from three DBS orbital locations: 110°W, 119°W, and 129°W DBS. MORE

Dish 500

Technology / Television (TV) / Dish 500: A DISH 500 is a multi-satellite dish used to receive DISH Network programming. Some programming for DISH Network is only available if you have a DISH 500 dish or a 2nd single satellite dish pointed to MORE

Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS): Subscribers receive programs via a small satellite dish. The signal is digitized and compressed via a proprietary format and decompressed by a set-top box. In most cases it is viewed on a analog TV. S MORE

Satellite Master Antenna (SMATV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Satellite Master Antenna (SMATV): Serves housing complexes and hotels: signals received via satellite and distributed by coaxial cable. MORE

Satellite Radar

Technology / Radar / Satellite Radar: Satellite radar systems can be used for a variety of surveillance applications. MORE

Satellite Images

Science / Weather / Satellite Images: Images taken by a weather satellite that reveal information, such as the flow of water vapor, the movement of frontal system, and the development of a tropical system. Looping individual images aids m MORE