Scatter Plan

Technology / Television (TV) / Scatter Plan: Scheduling method where the advertiser's commercials are rotated among a broadly described group of programs and/or time periods. The advantage is that the advertiser gains a greater net audience (reach): the disadvantage may be that the station may include less attractive spots/commercial units in the schedule.

Other Words for Plan

Plan Noun Synonyms: design, layout, blueprint, scheme, method, procedure, system, arrangement, programme, project, formula, pattern, script, scenario

Other Words for Scatter

Scatter Adjective Synonyms: spread, diffuse, shower, litter, sprinkle, strew, circulate, distribute, disseminate, sow, broadcast

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Business / Real Estate / Planned Unit Development (PUD): A relatively modern concept in housing designed to produce a high density of dwellings and maximum use of open spaces. This efficient use of land allows greater flexibility for residential land and de MORE

Planned Financing Program

Business / Finance / Planned Financing Program: Budgeted or projected ways need for reasons or to obtain short-term and long-term financing as outlined in the corporate financial plan. MORE

Planned Capital Expenditure Program

Business / Finance / Planned Capital Expenditure Program: Budgeted or projected outlays for major expenditures on permanent or fixed assets as outlined in the corporate financial plan. MORE