Technology / Television (TV) / Scene: The smallest piece of the narrative action: a single narrative event that occurs in continuous space over continuous time.

Other Words for Scene

Scene Noun Synonyms: location, site, place, area, locale, spot, locality, whereabouts, sphere, milieu, backdrop, background

French Scene

Entertainment / Literature / French Scene: A numbering system for a play in which a new scene is numbered whenever characters exit or enter the stage. Cf. Scene. MORE

Mirror Scene

Entertainment / Literature / Mirror Scene: A scene in a play or novel that does not contribute directly to the plot (i.e., it contains characters divorced from the main narrative, and the events it deals with do not further the action,) but wh MORE

Obscene Gestures

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Obscene Gestures: Players will not use obscene gestures on the ice, (sure they won't) or anywhere in the rink before, during or after the game. We wonder how long after the game and does this count for the off-season? MORE

Cut Scene

Entertainment / Video Games / Cut Scene: A non-interactive animation, often accompanied by voice and/or music, to further the storyline between play segments. (Oddly, the name means something else altogether in Hollywood - in Hollywood, 'cut MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Scenery: The visual environment created onstage using a backdrop and props. The purpose of scenery is either to suggest vaguely a specific setting or produce the illusion of actually watching events in that sp MORE

Exterior Scenes

Technology / Television (TV) / Exterior Scenes: Scenes set outdoors, often in particular location settings. MORE