Scientific Method

Technology / Television (TV) / Scientific Method: An empirical approach which advocates developing research questions and hypotheses based on an established body of theoretical knowledge, investigating them with replicable methodology, and explaining the results in terms of its contribution to the established body of knowledge.

Other Words for Method

Method Adjective Synonyms: way, means, procedure, approach, route, avenue, road, mode, manner, technique, process, routine, modus operandi, plan, scheme, programme, course, routine, practice, pattern, system, methodology, M.O.

Other Words for Scientific

Scientific Noun Synonyms: (well-)organized, (well-)regulated, (well-)controlled, (well-)ordered, orderly, systematic, methodical, precise, meticulous, thorough, painstaking, detailed

Quantity-Survey Method

Business / Real Estate / Quantity-Survey Method: The appraisal method of estimating building costs by calculating the cost of all of the physical components in the improvements, adding the cost to assemble them and then including the indirect costs MORE

Purchase Method

Business / Accounting / Purchase Method: A method used to prepare consolidated financial statements when one company has acquired a controlling interest in another company with similar activities by exchanging cash or other assets for more t MORE

Proprietary Method

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Proprietary Method: sales term often used by SEO service providers to imply that they can do something unique to achieve "Top Ten Rankings". MORE

Rayid Method

Health / Massage / Rayid Method: The rayid method was formed by results of research on the meaning of the formations in the iris of the eyes. Hereditary, behavioral, and attitudinal traits with their impact on mental, emotional, and MORE

Relative Fair Market Value Method

Business / Accounting / Relative Fair Market Value Method: A way of allocating a lump-sum or 'basket' purchase price to the individual assets acquired based on their respective market values. MORE

Rosen Method

Health / Massage / Rosen Method: Direct, gentle touch; focus on client breathing, relaxation response and verbal cues, to help the client become aware of unconscious muscle tension. MORE