Technology / Television (TV) / Semiotics: An area of television criticism that breaks down all forms of communication into individual units of meaning that are studied in terms of their singular characteristics as well as their interaction with other units of meaning. The science of signs.


Technology / Television (TV) / Syntagm: In semiotics, a first level ordering of signs--e.g., in narrative television, an individual scene. The sequence of scenes is their syntagmatic structure. MORE


Technology / Computers / Icon: A small video display that acts as an activation link when clicked on. MORE


Science / Astrology / Sign: See 'Sun Sign.' MORE

Television Criticism

Technology / Television (TV) / Television Criticism: Non-empirical, analytical methods (e.g., auteurism, genre study, semiotics and feminism) employed to understand systems of meaning on television. The term is also used in the popular press to refer to MORE

Syntagmatic Structure

Technology / Television (TV) / Syntagmatic Structure: In semiotics, the manner in which signs are linearly and/or temporally organized. E.g., the batting line-up in baseball is in syntagmatic order. See paradigmatic structure. MORE

Indexical Sign (Index)

Technology / Television (TV) / Indexical Sign (Index): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier is physically caused by the signified. For example, where there is smoke, there is fire. Thus the signifier (smoke) is physically caused by the sign MORE