Set Designer (Scenic Designer)

Technology / Television (TV) / Set Designer (Scenic Designer): Person who builds or selects elements in constructing the setting of a television program.

Other Words for Designer

Designer Verb Synonyms: creator, originator, architect, artificer, author, deviser, inventor, (interior) decorator, artist, draughtsman
Designer Noun Synonyms: intriguer, schemer, conniver, plotter, conspirator

Other Words for Set

Set Verb Synonyms: establish, fix, fasten on, appoint
Set Noun Synonyms: set down, place, put, situate, locate, site, plant, position, station, stand, lay, install or instal, lodge, mount, park, deposit, plump, drop, plunk or plonk (down)

Regular Way Settlement

Business / Finance / Regular Way Settlement: In the money and bond markets, the standard basis on which some security trades are settled is that the delivery of the securities purchased is made against payment in Fed funds on the day following t MORE

Regular Settlement

Business / Finance / Regular Settlement: Transaction in which a stock contract is settled and delivered on the fifth full business day following the date of the transaction (trade date). In Japan, regular settlement occurs three business day MORE

Reproducible Assets

Business / Finance / Reproducible Assets: A tangible asset with physical properties that can be matched or duplicated, such as a building or machinery. MORE

Rerack Or Reset

Entertainment / Bowling / Rerack Or Reset: A call by a bowler asking that the pins be lifted from the alley and put back properly, because they're off spot. MORE

Reset Frequency

Business / Finance / Reset Frequency: The frequency with which the floating rate changes. MORE

Reset Bonds

Business / Finance / Reset Bonds: Bonds that allow the initial interest rates to be adjusted on specific dates in order that the bonds trade at the value they had when they were issued. MORE