Shallow Focus

Technology / Television (TV) / Shallow Focus: A small depth of field, with just one plane (foreground, middle-ground, or background) in focus.

Other Words for Focus

Focus Noun Synonyms: concentrate, centre, converge, meet, pinpoint, spotlight, bring into focus, zero in
Focus Verb Synonyms: centre, concentration, focal point, heart, core, target, convergence, hub, nave, cynosure

Other Words for Shallow

Shallow Noun Synonyms: surface, skin-deep, superficial, thin, empty, flimsy, trivial, unimportant, slight, frivolous, idle, foolish

Press Focus Lever

Entertainment / Photography / Press Focus Lever: Lever found on the between-lens shutter of many large format cameras. It allows the shutter blades to be held open for lens focusing no matter what shutter speed has been set. MORE

Rack And Pinion Focusing

Entertainment / Photography / Rack And Pinion Focusing: Mechanical focusing system used on copying or monorail cameras. A pinion engages a rack on a slide. Focusing is achieved by turning a knob or wheel, which moves the lens or image panel. MORE

Racking Focus (Pulling Focus)

Technology / Television (TV) / Racking Focus (Pulling Focus): Shifting the focus from foreground to background, or vice versa. MORE

Rear Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Rear Focus: Refers to the focused area behind the picture's subject. MORE

Preset Focus Shooting

Entertainment / Photography / Preset Focus Shooting: Technique in which focus is set at a predetermined setting and the shutter is released when the subject moves into the focus point. MORE

Manual Focus

Technology / Digital Cameras / Manual Focus: Manual Focus mode allows a user to manual control the lenses and set the distance to the subject. It is mainly designed for users who need to shoot in low light conditions, or use macro or special eff MORE