Technology / Television (TV) / Signified: The meaning communicated by the signifier: can be an object, a concept, a visual field, and so on.

Symbolic Sign (Symbol)

Technology / Television (TV) / Symbolic Sign (Symbol): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier and the signified are connected solely through cultural convention. For example, Christianity (a signified) represented by a cross (signifier) or Ju MORE

Indexical Sign (Index)

Technology / Television (TV) / Indexical Sign (Index): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier is physically caused by the signified. For example, where there is smoke, there is fire. Thus the signifier (smoke) is physically caused by the sign MORE

Regular Expressions

Technology / Programming / Regular Expressions: A regular expression, or regex, is a term that signifies or matches a set of expressions. The set signified or matched is determined by the shorthand notation, or terms, used in the regular expression MORE


Technology / Computers / Icon: A small video display that acts as an activation link when clicked on. MORE

Continental Air Mass

Science / Weather / Continental Air Mass: An air mass with continental characteristics. It is a secondary characteristic of an air mass classification, signified by the small 'c' before the primary characteristic, which is based on source reg MORE

Physiological Ripeness

Life Style / Wine / Physiological Ripeness: This refers to the ripening of substances other than sugar in the grapes, such as tannins. Picking grapes that have sugar ripeness ensures the wine will reach a sufficient alcohol content as the sugar MORE