Technology / Television (TV) / Spectrum: A range of frequencies available for over-the-air transmission.

Absorption Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Absorption Spectrum: A plot that shows how much radiation a substance absorbs at different wavelengths. Absorption spectra are unique for each element and compound and they are often used as chemical 'fingerprints' in ana MORE

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Technology / Cell Phones / Electromagnetic Spectrum: The collection of all electromagnetic energy arranged according to frequency and wavelength. MORE

X-Ray Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Spectrum: A set of characteristic x-ray frequencies or wavelengths produced by a substance used as a target in an x-ray tube. Each element has a characteristic x-ray spectrum, and there is a strong correlation MORE

Band Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Band Spectrum: Compare with line spectrum and continuous spectrum. An emission spectrum that contains groups of sharp peaks that are so close together that they are not distinguishable separately, but only as a 'ban MORE

White Light Spectrum

Entertainment / Photography / White Light Spectrum: Is the electromagnetic wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers. Also referred to as the visible spectrum. MORE

Power Spectrum

Science / Spiders / Power Spectrum: intensity [= squared amplitude] of the Fourier transform, presented either in the form of an image (= the outcome of the PW operation) or as a profile (= the outcome of averaging the 2D power spectrum MORE