Other Words for Agog

Agog Adjective Synonyms: eager, avid, keen, enthusiastic, expectant, impatient, breathless

Other Words for Agonizing

Agonizing Adjective Synonyms: painful, distressful, distressing, harrowing, torturous, racking, excruciating, tortured, tormented

Other Words for Agony

Agony Noun Synonyms: anguish, trouble, distress, suffering, misery, wretchedness, pain, pangs, woe, torment, throes, torture, affliction

Other Words for Agree

Agree Verb Synonyms: concur, conform, come or go together, coincide, correspond, harmonize, reconcile, accord, tally, jibe

Other Words for Agreeable

Agreeable Adjective Synonyms: pleasing, pleasant, enjoyable, pleasurable, favorable, delightful, satisfying, satisfactory, good, nice, acceptable, to one's liking or taste

Other Words for Agreement

Agreement Noun Synonyms: understanding, covenant, treaty, pact, accord, compact, settlement, concordat, contract, bargain, deal

Other Words for Ahead

Ahead Adverb Synonyms: at the or in front, in advance, in the lead or vanguard, up ahead, before, to the fore

Other Words for Aid

Aid Noun Synonyms: help, support, assistance, backing, relief, benefit, service, succor, comfort
Aid Verb Synonyms: help, support, assist, facilitate, back, abet, uphold, promote, succor, relieve, subsidize

Other Words for Aide

Aide Noun Synonyms: aide-de-camp, assistant, helper, coadjutor, good or strong right arm, right hand, right-hand man, colleague, partner, ally, comrade, comrade-in-arms, cohort , man Friday, girl Friday, gal Friday

Other Words for Ail

Ail Verb Synonyms: trouble, afflict, affect, bother, distress, upset, worry, make ill or sick, pain, hurt

Other Words for Ailment

Ailment Noun Synonyms: illness, sickness, affliction, disease, disorder, indisposition, malady, disability, infirmity, malaise, queasiness

Other Words for Aim

Aim Noun Synonyms: direction, pointing, focus, focusing or focusing, sighting
Aim Verb Synonyms: direct, point, focus, train, level

Other Words for Aimless

Aimless Adjective Synonyms: purposeless, pointless, frivolous

Other Words for Air

Air Noun Synonyms: atmosphere, ambience, aura, climate, feeling, sense, mood, quality

Other Words for Airs

Airs Noun Synonyms: pretension, pretence, show, affectedness, haughtiness, hauteur, arrogance, superiority, superciliousness
Airs Verb Synonyms: ventilate, freshen, refresh, aerate

Other Words for Akin

Akin Adjective Synonyms: related (to), allied or connected or affiliated (to or with), associated (with), germane (to), like, alike, similar (to)

Other Words for Alarm

Alarm Noun Synonyms: warning, alert, danger- or distress-signal, tocsin, bell, gong, siren, whistle, horn
Alarm Verb Synonyms: frighten, scare, daunt, startle, terrify, panic, unnerve, dismay, disturb, upset

Other Words for Alcohol

Alcohol Noun Synonyms: spirits, liquor, the bottle, the cup that cheers, demon rum, John Barleycorn, booze, hard stuff, juice, moonshine, fire-water, rot-gut, hooch

Other Words for Alcoholic

Alcoholic Noun Synonyms: drunkard, drunk, dipsomaniac, sot, toper, drinker, winebibber, serious or problem drinker, tippler, barfly, soak, boozer, alchy or alkie or alky, dipso, stew, rummy, lush, booze-hound, wino
Alcoholic Adjective Synonyms: intoxicating, inebriating

Other Words for Alert

Alert Verb Synonyms: warn, caution, advise, alarm, forewarn, signal, notify
Alert Noun Synonyms: lookout
Alert Adjective Synonyms: awake, wide awake, watchful, vigilant, attentive, heedful, wary, cautious, on the qui vive, aware, on guard, on the lookout, observant, on the ball, on one's toes

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