Other Words for Alibi

Alibi Verb Synonyms: excuse, explain
Alibi Noun Synonyms: excuse, explanation

Other Words for Alien

Alien Adjective Synonyms: foreign, strange, exotic, outlandish, unfamiliar
Alien Noun Synonyms: foreigner, stranger, outlander, outsider, non-native, immigrant, newcomer

Other Words for Alienate

Alienate Verb Synonyms: disabuse (of or from), wean away, detach, distance

Other Words for Alike

Alike Adjective Synonyms: similar, akin, resembling or like one another, akin to or similar to one another, showing or exhibiting a resemblance
Alike Adverb Synonyms: in like manner, in the same manner or way, similarly, equally, uniformly, identically

Other Words for Alive

Alive Adjective Synonyms: living, live, breathing, among the living, in the land of the living

Other Words for All The Same

All The Same Verb Synonyms: at the same time, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, yet, but, anyway, anyhow, in any case, in any event, at any rate, regardless, still (and all), in spite of or despite the fact, notwithstanding, for all that, that (having been) said, hav

Other Words for All The Time

All The Time Noun Synonyms: always, ever, constantly, continuously, continually, perpetually, at all times, without surcease, unceasingly

Other Words for All Thumbs

All Thumbs Noun Synonyms: awkward, clumsy, maladroit, butter-fingered, ham-fisted, cack-handed

Other Words for Allegation

Allegation Noun Synonyms: charge, accusation, complaint, assertion, avowal, asseveration, claim, declaration, statement, deposition

Other Words for Allege

Allege Verb Synonyms: declare, aver, state, assert, charge, affirm, avow, asseverate, depose, say

Other Words for Alleged

Alleged Adjective Synonyms: described, designated, claimed, avowed, stated, purported, so-called, suspected, supposed, assumed, presumed, hypothetical, conjectural

Other Words for Alliance

Alliance Noun Synonyms: union, confederation, combination, federation, pact, league, association, coalition, affiliation, connection, bond, unity, affinity

Other Words for Allot

Allot Verb Synonyms: distribute, apportion, allocate, earmark, assign, parcel or dole out, deal (out), divide, share (out), dispense

Other Words for Allotment

Allotment Noun Synonyms: share, apportionment, ration, portion, quota, allowance, measure

Other Words for Allow

Allow Verb Synonyms: acknowledge, admit, grant, concede, own

Other Words for Allowance

Allowance Noun Synonyms: permission, toleration, tolerance, sufferance, admission, concession, sanction, allowing, permitting, tolerating, suffering, sanctioning, brooking, countenancing

Other Words for Alloy

Alloy Verb Synonyms: contaminate, pollute, adulterate, debase, diminish, impair, vitiate
Alloy Noun Synonyms: mixture, mix, combination, compound, composite, blend, amalgam, admixture, aggregate

Other Words for Ally

Ally Verb Synonyms: league, combine, unite, join (up), team (up), side, band together, associate, affiliate, collaborate, confederate
Ally Noun Synonyms: comrade, confederate, collaborator, coadjutor, accessory, accomplice, associate, partner, friend

Other Words for Almost

Almost Adverb Synonyms: nearly, about, approximately, practically, virtually, wellnigh, bordering on, on the brink of, verging on, on the verge of, little short of, not quite, all but, barely, scarcely, hardly, damn near

Other Words for Aloft

Aloft Adverb Synonyms: above, overhead, (up) in the air, in flight, up (above), on high, heavenwards, skyward

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