Other Words for Appeal

Appeal Verb Synonyms: entreat, supplicate, solicit, plead, petition, apply, sue, beseech, beg, implore, pray
Appeal Noun Synonyms: application, suit, entreaty, call, request, supplication, solicitation, petition, plea, prayer

Other Words for Appear

Appear Verb Synonyms: come forth, become visible or manifest, put in an appearance, materialize, surface, emerge, rise, arise, come up, enter (into) the picture, show oneself, turn up, arrive, come, crop or show up, show

Other Words for Appearance

Appearance Noun Synonyms: arrival, advent, presence, publication

Other Words for Appetite

Appetite Noun Synonyms: desire, inclination, proclivity, tendency, disposition, bent, preference, liking, predilection, zest, fondness, love, zeal, enthusiasm, taste, relish, appetency, appetence

Other Words for Applaud

Applaud Verb Synonyms: approve, express approval, clap, cheer, give (someone) a hand, root (for)

Other Words for Applause

Applause Noun Synonyms: clapping, acclamation, acclaim, cheering, cheers, approval, commendation, approbation, praise, kudos, plaudit(s)

Other Words for Applicable

Applicable Adjective Synonyms: fit, suitable, suited, appropriate, proper, apropos, fitting, befitting, pertinent, apt, germane, right, seemly, relevant, apposite

Other Words for Application

Application Noun Synonyms: use, employment, utilization, practice, operation

Other Words for Apply

Apply Verb Synonyms: fasten, fix, affix, stick, cement, glue

Other Words for Appoint

Appoint Verb Synonyms: fix, set, settle, determine, ordain, authorize, establish, destine, arrange, assign, allot, prescribe, decree

Other Words for Appointment

Appointment Noun Synonyms: meeting, date, rendezvous, engagement, assignation, tryst

Other Words for Appreciate

Appreciate Verb Synonyms: value, find worthwhile or valuable, esteem, cherish, enjoy, admire, rate or regard highly, prize, treasure, respect

Other Words for Appreciation

Appreciation Noun Synonyms: gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, thanks, acknowledgement, obligation

Other Words for Apprentice

Apprentice Noun Synonyms: novice, tiro or tyro, learner, starter, beginner, greenhorn, rookie
Apprentice Verb Synonyms: indenture, contract, bind

Other Words for Approach

Approach Noun Synonyms: access, passage, way, path, course, entry
Approach Verb Synonyms: near, advance, draw or come near or nearer or close or closer, come nigh

Other Words for Approaches

Approaches Noun Synonyms: advances, overtures, proposals, propositions

Other Words for Appropriate

Appropriate Adjective Synonyms: suitable, apt, fitting, fit, proper, right, meet, becoming, befitting, seemly, suited, apropos, correct, germane, pertinent, happy, felicitous
Appropriate Verb Synonyms: take, take over, seize, expropriate, arrogate, annex, impound, commandeer, steal, pilfer, filch,urp, make away or off with, pinch, lift, nick, boost

Other Words for Appropriately

Appropriately Adverb Synonyms: fittingly, suitably, properly, correctly, aptly, rightly, becomingly, meetly

Other Words for Approval

Approval Noun Synonyms: sanction, approbation, blessing, consent, agreement, concurrence, endorsement, acceptance, imprimatur, affirmation, confirmation, mandate, authorization, license, leave, permission, rubber stamp, OK, okay, go-ahead, green light

Other Words for Approve

Approve Verb Synonyms: confirm, affirm, support, ratify, uphold, subscribe to, second, give the stamp of approval to, favor, commend, recommend

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