Other Words for Atonement

Atonement Noun Synonyms: amends, propitiation, reparation, repayment, compensation, payment, restitution, recompense, expiation, penance, satisfaction

Other Words for Atrocious

Atrocious Adjective Synonyms: cruel, wicked, iniquitous, villainous, fiendish, execrable, appalling, abominable, monstrous, inhuman, savage, barbaric, brutal, barbarous, heinous, dreadful, flagrant, flagitious, gruesome, grisly, ruthless, ghastly, unspeakable, horrifying, horrible, aw

Other Words for Atrocity

Atrocity Noun Synonyms: enormity, wickedness, flagitiousness, iniquity, infamy, cruelty, heinousness, horror, evil, inhumanity, barbarity, savagery

Other Words for Attach

Attach Verb Synonyms: fasten, join, connect, secure, fix, affix, tack or hook or tie or stick on, pin, rivet, cement, glue, bond, solder, weld, braze, unite, bend

Other Words for Attached

Attached Adjective Synonyms: connected, joined, seconded

Other Words for Attached To

Attached To Adjective Synonyms: devoted (to), partial (to), fond (of), devoted (to)

Other Words for Attachment

Attachment Noun Synonyms: fastening, connection, tie, link, bond

Other Words for Attack

Attack Verb Synonyms: assail, assault, fall or set or pounce upon, charge, rush, raid, strike (at), storm, engage (in battle), fight, mug, jump
Attack Noun Synonyms: assault, onset, offensive, onslaught, incursion, raid, strike, inroad, invasion

Other Words for Attempt

Attempt Verb Synonyms: try, essay, undertake, take on, venture, endeavour, strive, have or take a crack at, try on, have a go or shot at
Attempt Noun Synonyms: endeavour, try, essay, effort, undertaking, bid, crack, go, shot

Other Words for Attend

Attend Verb Synonyms: be present (at), go to, be at, appear (at), put in an appearance (at), turn up (at), haunt, frequent, sit in (on), audit

Other Words for Attend To

Attend To Verb Synonyms: watch over, wait on or upon, care for, take care of, minister to, occupy oneself with, look after, look out for, devote oneself to

Other Words for Attendance

Attendance Noun Synonyms: presence, appearance, being

Other Words for Attendant

Attendant Noun Synonyms: escort, servant, menial, helper,her or usherette, chaperon or chaperone, aide, subordinate, underling, assistant, follower, lackey, flunkey, slave, cohort
Attendant Adjective Synonyms: waiting upon, accompanying, following, resultant, resulting, related, consequent, concomitant, depending, accessory

Other Words for Attention

Attention Noun Synonyms: heed, regard, notice, concentration

Other Words for Attentive

Attentive Adjective Synonyms: heedful, observant, awake, alert, intent, watchful, concentrating, assiduous, mindful, considerate

Other Words for Attest

Attest Verb Synonyms: bear witness (to), bear out, swear (to), vow, testify, certify, vouchsafe, declare, assert, asseverate, aver, affirm, confirm, verify, substantiate, vouch for, depose, depose and say

Other Words for Attitude

Attitude Noun Synonyms: posture, position, disposition, stance, bearing, carriage, aspect, demeanor

Other Words for Attract

Attract Verb Synonyms: draw, invite, entice, lure, allure, appeal to, charm, captivate, fascinate, pull

Other Words for Attraction

Attraction Noun Synonyms: draw, appeal, magnetism, gravitation, pull

Other Words for Attractive

Attractive Adjective Synonyms: attracting, drawing, pulling, captivating, taking, fetching, appealing, luring, inviting, enticing, seductive, inviting, engaging, charming, interesting, pleasing, winning, alluring, good-looking, pretty, handsome

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