Other Words for Averse

Averse Adjective Synonyms: disinclined, unwilling, reluctant, resistant, loath, opposed, anti, antipathetic, ill-disposed, indisposed

Other Words for Aversion

Aversion Noun Synonyms: dislike, abhorrence, repugnance, antipathy, antagonism, animosity, hostility, loathing, hatred, odium, horror, disinclination, unwillingness, reluctance, dislike, distaste

Other Words for Avoid

Avoid Verb Synonyms: shun, keep (away) from, keep off, leave alone, keep or steer clear of, refrain from, dodge, circumvent, sidestep, elude, escape, evade

Other Words for Awake

Awake Verb Synonyms: wake (up), awaken, get up, rouse or bestir oneself
Awake Adjective Synonyms: up, aroused, roused, wide awake, up and about, alert, on the alert, on the qui vive, watchful, on guard, attentive, conscious, heedful, alive

Other Words for Awake To

Awake To Verb Synonyms: awaken to, wake up to, realize, understand, become aware or conscious of

Other Words for Awaken

Awaken Verb Synonyms: wake (up), awaken, get up, rouse or bestir oneself

Other Words for Award

Award Noun Synonyms: prize, trophy, reward
Award Verb Synonyms: grant, give, confer, bestow, present, accord, furnish, endow with, assign, apportion

Other Words for Aware

Aware Adjective Synonyms: informed, apprised, knowledgeable, knowing, posted, in the know, enlightened, au fait, au courant, cognizant, hip, hep, wise

Other Words for Awesome

Awesome Adjective Synonyms: awe-inspiring, awful, imposing, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, marvelous, wondrous, moving, stirring, affecting, overwhelming, formidable, daunting, dreadful, fearsome, fearful, frightening, horrifying, terrifying, terrible, unbelievable, incredible

Other Words for Awful

Awful Adjective Synonyms: bad, terrible, inferior, base, abominable, rotten, horrible, horrid, tasteless, unsightly, ugly, hideous, grotesque, lousy, naff, hellacious

Other Words for Awfully

Awfully Adverb Synonyms: very (much), badly, terribly, extremely, greatly, remarkably, in the worst way, dreadfully, extraordinarily, exceedingly, excessively, really, fearfully, inordinately, incomparably

Other Words for Awkward

Awkward Adjective Synonyms: clumsy, ungainly, left-handed, ham-handed, ham-fisted, blundering, bungling, maladroit, uncoordinated, undexterous, inexpert, gauche, unhandy, inept, oafish, unskilled, unskillful, all thumbs, butter-fingered, cack-handed

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