Other Words for Absence

Absence Noun Synonyms: non-attendance, non-presence, non-appearance, truancy

Other Words for Absent

Absent Adjective Synonyms: away, out, off, elsewhere, not present, missing, gone

Other Words for Absent From

Absent From Verb Synonyms: keep or stay away from, withdraw or retire from

Other Words for Absent-Minded

Absent-Minded Adjective Synonyms: preoccupied, inattentive, unattentive, absorbed, unmindful, absent, off, withdrawn, unheeding, heedless, unheedful, inadvertent, distracted, abstracted, day-dreaming, in a brown study, in the clouds, unaware, oblivious, in a trance, distrait(e), mooning

Other Words for Absolute

Absolute Adjective Synonyms: perfect, complete, total, finished, thorough, through-and-through, consummate, flawless, faultless, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undiluted, rank

Other Words for Absolutely

Absolutely Interjection Synonyms: certainly, assuredly, positively, definitely, of course, naturally, indubitably, yes, to be sure
Absolutely Adverb Synonyms: unqualifiedly, unconditionally, unreservedly, unexceptionally, unequivocally, unquestionably, positively, definitely, really, genuinely, decidedly, surely, truly, certainly, categorically

Other Words for Absorbed

Absorbed Adjective Synonyms: engrossed, lost, wrapped up, occupied, engaged, immersed, buried, preoccupied, concentrating, rapt

Other Words for Absorbing

Absorbing Adjective Synonyms: engrossing, engaging, riveting, captivating, fascinating, spellbinding, gripping

Other Words for Abstract

Abstract Noun Synonyms: summary, epitome, synopsis, essence, digest, condensation, survey, conspectus, extract, outline, précis, résumé‚
Abstract Adjective Synonyms: theoretical, unapplied, notional, ideational, conceptual, metaphysical, unpractical, intellectual
Abstract Verb Synonyms: epitomize, abbreviate, digest, summarize, condense, shorten, abridge, cut, cut down, synopsize

Other Words for Absurd

Absurd Adjective Synonyms: ridiculous, silly, nonsensical, senseless, outlandish, preposterous, farcical, mad, stupid, foolish, idiotic, imbecilic or imbecile, moronic, childish, laughable, ludicrous, risible, inane, crazy, nutty, nuts , daft

Other Words for Absurdity

Absurdity Noun Synonyms: folly, silliness, ridiculousness, foolishness, ludicrousness, nonsense, senselessness, meaninglessness, illogicality, irrationality, unreasonableness, incongruity, stupidity, craziness, nuttiness , daftness

Other Words for Abundance

Abundance Noun Synonyms: overflow, superfluity, over-abundance, superabundance, excess, surplus, oversupply, glut, satiety, over-sufficiency, plenty, plenteousness, plentifulness, plenitude, copiousness, profusion, nimiety

Other Words for Abundant

Abundant Adjective Synonyms: plentiful, overflowing, ample, copious, over-sufficient, superabundant, plenteous, profuse, inexhaustible, replete, bountiful, bounteous

Other Words for Abuse

Abuse Verb Synonyms: misuse, misemploy, pervert, misapply, exploit
Abuse Noun Synonyms: misuse, misusage, misemployment, perversion, misapplication, misappropriation, Rhetoric catachresis

Other Words for Abused

Abused Adjective Synonyms: misused

Other Words for Abusive

Abusive Adjective Synonyms: insulting, scurrilous, vituperative, calumnious, offensive, slanderous, libelous, defamatory, censorious, opprobrious, disparaging, deprecatory, depreciatory, derogatory, derisory, derisive, reviling, vilifying, vituperative, reproachful, profane, rude

Other Words for Abysmal

Abysmal Adjective Synonyms: awful, appalling, dreadful, terrible, profound

Other Words for Abyss

Abyss Noun Synonyms: deep, abysm, bottomless gulf, yawning chasm, gaping void, unfathomable cavity, impenetrable depth(s)

Other Words for Academic

Academic Adjective Synonyms: scholastic, collegiate, scholarly, learned, lettered, erudite

Other Words for Accent

Accent Verb Synonyms: accentuate, emphasize, stress, give prominence to, mark, underline, underscore, distinguish, highlight, set off or apart
Accent Noun Synonyms: emphasis, stress, force, prominence, accentuation, intensity, inflection, cadence, beat

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