Other Words for A Leg Up

A Leg Up Noun Synonyms
boost, assistance, push, help, helping hand, advance, support, assist
Let me give you a leg up over the wall. Gordon might give you a leg up in getting a job.

More Words for A Leg Up

Support / Help

Parity Value

Business / Finance / Parity Value: Related: Conversion value MORE

Parity Ratio

Business / Agriculture / Parity Ratio: The ratio of the prices received index, 1910-14=100, to the prices paid index on a 1910-14=100 base (called the parity index). The parity ratio is a measure of relative price relationships. It is not MORE

Parity Price

Business / Agriculture / Parity Price: A measurement of the purchasing power of a unit of a particular commodity. Originally, parity was the price per bushel, bale, pound, or hundredweight that would be necessary for a unit of a commodity MORE


Technology / Computers / Parity: An error-checking method that utilizes an extra bit that is sent to the receiving device to determine the validity of any given character. MORE

Parked It

Technology / Motorcycle / Parked It: To be going slower than conditions allow through a turn. "As I was coming up to turn three this guy just parked it in front of me." MORE

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS)

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