Other Words for Abandon

Abandon Noun Synonyms
recklessness, intemperance, wantonness, lack of restraint, unrestraint
He behaved with wild abandon after he received the inheritance.

Abandon Verb Synonyms
give up, renounce, discontinue, forgo, drop, desist, abstain from
She abandoned cigarettes and whisky after the doctor's warning.

depart from, leave, desert, quit, go away from
The order was given to abandon ship.

desert, forsake, jilt, walk out on
He even abandoned his fiance.

give up or over, yield, surrender, leave, cede, let go, deliver (up), turn over, relinquish
I can see no reason why we should abandon the house to thieves and vandals.

More Words for Abandon

Desert / Leave / Drop


Business / Debt / Abandonment: The voluntary relinquishment of ownership by failure to use the property, coupled with intent to abandon. MORE

Abandoned Wells

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Abandonment Option

Business / Finance / Abandonment Option: The option of terminating an investment earlier than originally planned. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Renunciation: An act or instance of relinquishing, abandoning, repudiating or sacrificing something, as a right, title, person, etc. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Domicile: From domus, Latin for house. The state where an individual has his or her true, fixed permanent home and principal business establishment and where that person has the intention of returning whenever MORE

Trade Fixture

Business / Real Estate / Trade Fixture: An article of personal property annexed or affixed to leased premises by the tenant as a necessary part of the tenants trade or business. At the termination of a lease, a tenant must leave most fixtur MORE