Other Words for Abbreviation

Abbreviation Noun Synonyms
initialism, acronym, shortening, contraction
UK is one kind of abbreviation, initialism, NATO, which is pronounced as a word, is another,ually called an acronym.


Entertainment / Video Games / D-pad: An abbreviation of 'direction pad,' which is typically a flat, cross shaped button that is used to control a video game. The cross is mapped to up, down, left, and right, and moving the pad so that tw MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Co-op: Abbreviation for the term 'cooperative' which is used to describe gameplay where players work together to achieve specific tasks?€¦such as shooting all the bad guys. MORE


Technology / Programming / Concept: A concept contains a set of requirements that describe a family of abstractions, typically data types. Examples of concepts include input iterator, graph, and equality comparable. MORE

Frames Per Second (Fps)

Entertainment / Photography / Frames Per Second (Fps): Used to describe how many frames can a motor drive or winder handle automatically. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Shmup: Abbreviation for the term 'shoot 'em up' an alternative term for the more commonly used 'shooter.' MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Alt: An abbreviation for 'alternate' usually used to describe an 'alternate character,' meaning a different avatar or player character used by an individual when playing an online game. MORE