Other Words for Abilities

Abilities Noun Synonyms
faculty, faculties, talent(s), gift(s), skill(s)
Her abilities have made her one of the finest cellists of our time.

Other Liabilities

Business / Finance / Other Liabilities: Liabilities other than debt, line of credit, and accounts payable, for example, deferred taxes, accrued expenses, and customer deposits. MORE

Non-Current Liabilities

Business / Finance / Non-Current Liabilities: Obligations that will not come due within one year of the current date. See also current liabilities. MORE

Miscellaneous Current Liabilities

Business / Finance / Miscellaneous Current Liabilities: An account for current liabilities that do not fall into any of the categories already defined. Examples of predefined categories are accounts payable, accrued expenses, and short-term notes payable. MORE

Learning Disabilities (LD)

Life Style / Adoption / Learning Disabilities (LD): One or more impairments in reading, mathematics or written expression skills which interfere with academic performance in school or in activities of daily living requiring those skills. Performance on MORE

Hidden Disabilities

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hidden Disabilities: Disabilities which are not of a visible nature, such as learning disorders, alcohol abuse, depression, etc. MORE

Americans With Disabilities Act (AWD) Of 1990

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Americans With Disabilities Act (AWD) Of 1990: The is a federal anti-discrimination law which prohibits private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies and labor unions from discriminating against qualified individuals with dis MORE