Other Words for Abstract

Abstract Adjective Synonyms
non-representational, symbolic, non-realistic
Museums began buying abstract art in the 1930s.

theoretical, unapplied, notional, ideational, conceptual, metaphysical, unpractical, intellectual
It is difficult to capture abstract ideas on paper.

Abstract Noun Synonyms
summary, epitome, synopsis, essence, digest, condensation, survey, conspectus, extract, outline, précis, résumé‚
By reading the abstracts, you can determine which articles merit reading in full.

Abstract Verb Synonyms
epitomize, abbreviate, digest, summarize, condense, shorten, abridge, cut, cut down, synopsize
The service abstracts articles that appear in scientific journals.

More Words for Abstract

Cut / Extract / Survey / Essence

Abstract Poem

Entertainment / Literature / Abstract Poem: Verse that makes little sense grammatically or syntactically but which relies on auditory patterns create its meaning or poetic effects, Dame Edith Sitwell popularized the term, considering this verse MORE

Abstract Animation

Technology / Television (TV) / Abstract Animation: An aesthetic tenet of animation which sees animation as consisting of lines, shapes and colors, abstract forms to be manipulated by the animator at will. The opposite of naturalistic animation. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Abstracter: The person preparing the abstract of title. The abstracter searches the title as recorded or registered with the county recorder, county registrar, circuit court and/or other official sources. He or s MORE

Abstract Diction - Abstract Imagery

Entertainment / Literature / Abstract Diction - Abstract Imagery: Language that describes qualities that cannot be perceived with the five senses. For instance, calling something pleasant or pleasing is abstract, while calling something yellow or sour is concrete. T MORE

Abstract Of Title

Business / Real Estate / Abstract Of Title: A full summary of all consecutive grants, conveyances, wills, records and judicial proceedings affecting title to a specific parcel of real estate, together with a statement of all recorded liens and MORE

Conceptual Abstraction

Technology / Programming / Conceptual Abstraction: The ability for people to create different points of view on a design, depending on the relevant degree of detail. Through stepwise refinement, one traverses multiple levels of abstraction. Similarly, MORE