Other Words for Act

Act Noun Synonyms
deed, action, undertaking, operation, step, move, feat, exploit, accomplishment, achievement
The first act of the new commission was to ban smoking in public places.

bill, law, decree, edict, statute, order, ordinance, command, mandate, resolution, measure, enactment
Are the opening hours of public houses in England regulated by act of Parliament.

performance, pretence, posture, stance, feigning, front, fake, dissimulation, show, deception, hoax, affectation
She didn't mean what she said - it was just an act.

performance, show, bit, skit, stand, routine, turn, sketch, thing, shtick
Stand-up comedians do their acts in nightclubs.

Act Verb Synonyms
take effect, work, operate, function, perform
This drug will act only if taken with meals.

feign, pretend, counterfeit, fake, dissemble, make believe, sham, simulate, dissimulate, posture
You may think him sincere, but I know he is just acting.

perform, play, do
She is acting in the West End.

behave (oneself), carry on, deport oneself, comport oneself, conduct oneself
I don't know how she'll act when we're in public.

portray, represent, impersonate, act out, personify, take or play the part or role of, personate
Reginald acts the fool whenever he has had too much to drink.

More Words for Act

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