Other Words for Allow

Allow Verb Synonyms
make allowance or concession for, set apart or aside, put aside, take into account or consideration, add, deduct
You must allow at least an extra hour for the traffic during rush hour. The shipper allows ten kilos for the weight of the container.

give, let (someone) have, appropriate, grant, budget, earmark, assign, allocate, assign, approve
The company allowed him $100 a day for expenses.

acknowledge, admit, grant, concede, own
He allowed that he had not been completely truthful about his movements that night.

agree to, concede, cede to, admit, permit, authorize, entertain, consent to
The judge said that he would allow a plea of 'guilty with an explanation'.

tolerate, stand (for), brook, sanction, countenance, permit, consider, put up with
The headmaster refuses to allow such goings-on at his school.

permit, let, suffer
Please allow the children to select their own friends.

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Grant / Give / Consider


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