Other Words for Area

Area Noun Synonyms
space, field, region, tract, territory, district, zone, stretch, section, quarter, precinct, arrondissement, neighborhood, locality, bailiwick, block
An area was set aside for a garden. There has been a lot of crime in that area lately.

scope, range, extent, breadth, compass, section
His studies cover only one area of Scottish history.

court, courtyard, enclosure, close, yard, square, ground, arena, field, parade-ground, parade
The soldiers drill in the area behind the barracks.

space, room
Is there enough floor area here for the carpet? .

More Words for Area

Range / Close / Room / Block / Stretch / Field / Square / Section

Marine Protected Area

Science / Marine Biology / Marine Protected Area: A conservation geographic unit designed to protect crucial communities and to provide reproductive reserves for fisheries that hopefully will disperse over wider areas. MORE

Wellhead Protection Area

Business / Agriculture / Wellhead Protection Area: A surface and subsurface land area regulated to prevent contamination of a well or well-field supplying a public water system. This program, established under the Safe Drinking Water Act, is implement MORE

Species-Area Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Species-Area Effect: A regular logarithmic relationship between the number of species in a confined geographic area (e.g., an island) and the area in which the species occur MORE

Recharge Area

Science / Geology / Recharge Area: The geographic area where water infiltrates into the ground and enters an aquifer. MORE

High Memory Area

Technology / Computers / High Memory Area: In DOS -based systems, the high memory area refers to the first 64K of extended memory. MORE

Accumulation Area

Business / Finance / Accumulation Area: A price range within which a buyer accumulates shares of a stock. See: On-balance volume and distribution area. MORE