Other Words for Area

Area Noun Synonyms
space, field, region, tract, territory, district, zone, stretch, section, quarter, precinct, arrondissement, neighborhood, locality, bailiwick, block
An area was set aside for a garden. There has been a lot of crime in that area lately.

court, courtyard, enclosure, close, yard, square, ground, arena, field, parade-ground, parade
The soldiers drill in the area behind the barracks.

space, room
Is there enough floor area here for the carpet? .

scope, range, extent, breadth, compass, section
His studies cover only one area of Scottish history.

More Words for Area

Stretch / Section / Close / Range / Field / Block / Square / Room

Marine Protected Area

Science / Marine Biology / Marine Protected Area: A conservation geographic unit designed to protect crucial communities and to provide reproductive reserves for fisheries that hopefully will disperse over wider areas. MORE

Wellhead Protection Area

Business / Agriculture / Wellhead Protection Area: A surface and subsurface land area regulated to prevent contamination of a well or well-field supplying a public water system. This program, established under the Safe Drinking Water Act, is implement MORE

Species-Area Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Species-Area Effect: A regular logarithmic relationship between the number of species in a confined geographic area (e.g., an island) and the area in which the species occur MORE

Recharge Area

Science / Geology / Recharge Area: The geographic area where water infiltrates into the ground and enters an aquifer. MORE

High Memory Area

Technology / Computers / High Memory Area: In DOS -based systems, the high memory area refers to the first 64K of extended memory. MORE

Accumulation Area

Business / Finance / Accumulation Area: A price range within which a buyer accumulates shares of a stock. See: On-balance volume and distribution area. MORE