Other Words for Bow

Bow Noun Synonyms: nod, curtsy or curtsey, salaam, genuflection, prostration, obeisance
Bow Verb Synonyms: defer, yield, submit, give in, bend, bow down, capitulate

Other Words for Bow And Scrape

Bow And Scrape Verb Synonyms: make obeisance, salaam, genuflect, kiss the feet or hem or ring, grovel, demean or lower oneself, prostrate oneself, toady, boot-lick

Other Words for Bowels

Bowels Noun Synonyms: interior, insides, depths, heart, centre, core, intestines, viscera, vitals, belly, gut, innards, guts

Other Words for Bowl

Bowl Noun Synonyms: dish, basin, pan
Bowl Verb Synonyms: move, trundle, wheel, roll, spin

Other Words for Box

Box Verb Synonyms: crate, encase, package
Box Noun Synonyms: case, receptacle, crate, carton, container, casket, coffer, caddy, chest

Other Words for Box In

Box In Verb Synonyms: trap, confine, bottle up, hem in, enclose, surround, pin down

Other Words for Boy

Boy Noun Synonyms: lad, youth, young man, stripling, youngster, schoolboy, fellow, urchin, brat, kid, guy, small fry, little shaver

Other Words for Boycott

Boycott Verb Synonyms: blacklist, embargo, avoid, refuse, shun, reject, eschew, pass over or by
Boycott Noun Synonyms: embargo, blacklist, blacklisting, ban

Other Words for Boyish

Boyish Adjective Synonyms: young, youthful, juvenile, adolescent

Other Words for Brace

Brace Verb Synonyms: steady, reinforce, support, strengthen, prop or shore up
Brace Noun Synonyms: bracket, stiffener, reinforcement, reinforcer, support, buttress, prop, stay, strut, truss

Other Words for Brace Oneself

Brace Oneself Verb Synonyms: steady oneself, prepare oneself, hold on, hang on

Other Words for Bracing

Bracing Adjective Synonyms: invigorating, tonic, stimulating, refreshing, exhilarating, fortifying, restorative

Other Words for Bracket

Bracket Noun Synonyms: support, corbel, console
Bracket Verb Synonyms: classify, rank, group, unite, combine, join, link

Other Words for Brag

Brag Verb Synonyms: boast, crow, trumpet, vaunt, strut, swagger, show off, talk big, blow or toot one's own horn or trumpet, go on about

Other Words for Braggart

Braggart Noun Synonyms: boaster, bragger, braggadocio, windbag, peacock, show-off, Scaramouch or Scaramouche, big-mouth, loud-mouth, gasbag

Other Words for Braid

Braid Noun Synonyms: plait
Braid Verb Synonyms: plait, intertwine, interlace, weave, twist

Other Words for Brain

Brain Noun Synonyms: brains, intelligence, intellect, understanding, sense, thought, imagination, capacity, perspicacity, perceptiveness, perception, percipience, wisdom, sagacity, wit, discernment, acumen, knowledge, cognition

Other Words for Brake

Brake Noun Synonyms: curb, check, restraint, restriction, constraint, control, rein
Brake Verb Synonyms: slow, slow up or down, put on or apply the brakes, reduce speed, decelerate, slacken, hold up

Other Words for Branch

Branch Verb Synonyms: ramify, divide, subdivide, diverge, diversify
Branch Noun Synonyms: offshoot, arm, limb, bough, stem, shoot, twig, sprig

Other Words for Brand

Brand Noun Synonyms: kind, make, type, sort, variety, brand name, manufacturer, maker, trade name, trade mark, label, mark, marque, name brand
Brand Verb Synonyms: mark, stamp, identify, tag, label, trade-mark

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