Other Words for Band

Band Noun Synonyms: strip, ribbon, belt, bandeau, fillet, tie, stripe, line, border
Band Verb Synonyms: line, stripe, border

Other Words for Band Together

Band Together Verb Synonyms: unite, confederate, gather or join or league together, team up, affiliate, merge, federate

Other Words for Banish

Banish Verb Synonyms: exile, expatriate, deport, extradite, transport, eject, oust, expel, rusticate, drive out or away, dismiss, excommunicate, outlaw, ostracize

Other Words for Banner

Banner Adjective Synonyms: leading, foremost, momentous, memorable, notable, important, noteworthy
Banner Noun Synonyms: standard, flag, pennant, ensign, burgee, gonfalon, pennon, streamer, banderole, symbol

Other Words for Banquet

Banquet Noun Synonyms: feast, sumptuous repast or meal, ceremonial dinner, lavish dinner
Banquet Verb Synonyms: feast, indulge, wine and dine, regale, carouse

Other Words for Banter

Banter Noun Synonyms: raillery, badinage, persiflage, pleasantry, jesting, joking, repartee, chaffing, teasing, chaff, kidding, ribbing

Other Words for Bar

Bar Preposition Synonyms: except (for), excepting, excluding, barring, outside (of), save for, aside from, but
Bar Verb Synonyms: fasten, close up, secure, shut up, lock, lock up, padlock
Bar Noun Synonyms: rod, shaft, pole, stick, stake

Other Words for Barbarian

Barbarian Adjective Synonyms: uncivilized, uncultivated, uncultured, philistine, savage, barbarous, barbaric, coarse, vulgar, uncouth, rude, boorish, loutish, oafish, crude, rough, insensitive, churlish, uncivil
Barbarian Noun Synonyms: savage, brute

Other Words for Barbarity

Barbarity Noun Synonyms: cruelty, inhumanity, ruthlessness, savagery, brutishness, barbarousness, heartlessness, viciousness, cold-bloodedness, bloodthirstiness

Other Words for Bare

Bare Verb Synonyms: expose, lay bare, uncover, reveal, open, undress, unveil
Bare Adjective Synonyms: unclothed, naked, nude, stark naked, unclad, exposed, uncovered, hatless, unshod, undressed , starkers, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, in the buff, bare-ass

Other Words for Barefaced

Barefaced Adjective Synonyms: unconcealed, open, undisguised, blatant, manifest, unmitigated, outright, downright, out-and-out, sheer, unalloyed, undiluted

Other Words for Barely

Barely Adverb Synonyms: scarcely, only, just, not quite, hardly, only just, no more than

Other Words for Bargain

Bargain Noun Synonyms: agreement, contract, understanding, arrangement, covenant, pact, compact, settlement, transaction, deal
Bargain Verb Synonyms: negotiate, trade, haggle, barter, dicker, chaffer

Other Words for Bargain For

Bargain For Verb Synonyms: expect, count on, anticipate, foresee, take into account, allow for, be prepared for

Other Words for Barren

Barren Adjective Synonyms: sterile, childless, infertile

Other Words for Barrier

Barrier Noun Synonyms: bar, fence, railing, wall, ditch, ha-ha

Other Words for Barring

Barring Preposition Synonyms: excluding, exclusive of, bar, omitting, leaving out, excepting, except (for), save for, aside from, besides, but

Other Words for Base

Base Adjective Synonyms: low, undignified, cowardly, selfish, mean, despicable, contemptible, filthy, evil
Base Verb Synonyms: establish, found, secure, build, ground, anchor, fix, hinge, form, derive, draw
Base Noun Synonyms: bottom, foot, support, stand, pedestal

Other Words for Bashful

Bashful Adjective Synonyms: shy, retiring, embarrassed, meek, abashed, shamefaced, sheepish, timid, diffident, self-effacing, unconfident, ill at ease, uneasy, uncomfortable, nervous, self-conscious, awkward, confused, in a tizzy, discombobulated

Other Words for Basic

Basic Adjective Synonyms: fundamental, essential, key, elementary, underlying, prime, primary, root, principal, central, focal, vital

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