Other Words for Brothel

Brothel Noun Synonyms: bordello, whore-house, house of ill fame or ill repute, bawdy-house, bagnio, seraglio, harem, Obsolete stew, sporting house, knocking-shop, cat-house

Other Words for Brother

Brother Noun Synonyms: sibling, relation, relative, kin, kinsman, fellow, fellow-man, fellow-clansman, fellow-citizen, fellow-countryman, fellow-creature, associate, colleague, confrŠre, companion, pal, chum, mate, buddy

Other Words for Brotherhood

Brotherhood Noun Synonyms: brotherliness, fellowship, companionship, alliance, friendship, comradeship, camaraderie, kinship

Other Words for Brotherly

Brotherly Adjective Synonyms: fraternal, kind, affectionate, cordial, friendly, amicable, amiable, neighbourly, loyal, devoted

Other Words for Browbeat

Browbeat Verb Synonyms: bully, intimidate, threaten, badger, dominate, cow, frighten, discourage, tyrannize, hector, harass, keep after, nag, hassle

Other Words for Browse

Browse Verb Synonyms: look over or through, skim (through), scan, thumb or flip or flick through

Other Words for Bruise

Bruise Verb Synonyms: injure, contuse, hurt, scrape, harm, wound, damage
Bruise Noun Synonyms: injury, hurt, contusion, bump, welt, scrape, abrasion, scratch, wound, black-and-blue mark, blotch, blemish, mark, spot, discoloration, damage, ecchymosis

Other Words for Bruiser

Bruiser Noun Synonyms: prizefighter, boxer, fighter, tough, ruffian, bodyguard, thug, hoodlum, bouncer, hooligan, tough guy, toughie, minder, roughneck, hood, gorilla, plug-ugly, torpedo, enforcer

Other Words for Brunt

Brunt Noun Synonyms: (full) force, burden, onus, weight, impact, shock, stress, violence, onslaught

Other Words for Brush

Brush Noun Synonyms: brushwood, shrubs, undergrowth, branches, scrub, brush, bracken, brambles, underbrush, underwood
Brush Verb Synonyms: scrub, clean, groom, curry, sweep, whisk, gather

Other Words for Brush Away

Brush Away Verb Synonyms: disregard, dismiss, put aside, shrug off

Other Words for Brush Up

Brush Up Verb Synonyms: review, restudy, go over, refresh, study, con

Other Words for Brush-Off

Brush-Off Noun Synonyms: dismissal, rebuff, rejection, snub, cold shoulder, put-down, slap in the face, the (old) heave-ho, walking papers

Other Words for Brusque

Brusque Adjective Synonyms: blunt, rude, overbearing, impolite, uncivil, discourteous, ungracious, ill-mannered, unmannerly, churlish, gruff, abrupt, short, curt, sharp, terse, brash, bluff

Other Words for Brutal

Brutal Adjective Synonyms: inhuman, savage, cruel, pitiless, harsh, severe, barbaric, barbarous, beastly, bestial, sadistic, murderous, inhumane, heartless, hard-hearted, unkind, fierce, stony-hearted, insensitive, unfeeling, cold-blooded, unsympathetic, remorseless, ruthless

Other Words for Brute

Brute Adjective Synonyms: brutish, dull, unfeeling, senseless, blind, unintelligent, unthinking, thoughtless, mindless, unreasoning, irrational, instinctive, physical, material, insensate, unconscious
Brute Noun Synonyms: animal, beast, savage

Other Words for Bubble

Bubble Noun Synonyms: blister, air pocket, globule, droplet
Bubble Verb Synonyms: foam, froth, boil, seethe, fizz

Other Words for Bubbles

Bubbles Noun Synonyms: froth, foam, suds, lather, spume, effervescence, carbonation, fizz

Other Words for Bubbly

Bubbly Adjective Synonyms: effervescent, foamy, frothy, fizzy, sparkling
Bubbly Noun Synonyms: champagne, sparkling wine, sparkling burgundy, Asti spumante, champers

Other Words for Bucket

Bucket Noun Synonyms: pail, scuttle

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