Other Words for Benefit

Benefit Noun Synonyms: advantage, profit, good, sake, gain, aid, help, service
Benefit Verb Synonyms: improve, aid, help, better, promote, further, advance, forward

Other Words for Benefits

Benefits Noun Synonyms: perquisite(s), emolument(s), allowance(s), extra(s), fringe benefit(s), perk(s)

Other Words for Benevolence

Benevolence Noun Synonyms: charity, kindness, kindliness, humanity, humanitarianism, beneficence, charitableness, goodness, altruism, good will, unselfishness, philanthropy, generosity, magnanimity

Other Words for Benevolent

Benevolent Adjective Synonyms: charitable, well-disposed, gracious, good, kind, kindly, humane, humanitarian, well-wishing, thoughtful, considerate, sympathetic, caring, kind-hearted, warm-hearted, compassionate, benign, benignant, liberal, generous, magnanimous, open-handed

Other Words for Benighted

Benighted Adjective Synonyms: unenlightened, naive, uninformed, ignorant

Other Words for Benign

Benign Adjective Synonyms: kindly, gracious, good, kind, kind-hearted, benevolent, benignant, warm, warm-hearted, cordial, genial, congenial, tender, tender-hearted, compassionate, sympathetic, soft-hearted

Other Words for Bent

Bent Noun Synonyms: turn, inclination, direction, disposition, predisposition, tendency, bias, leaning, proclivity, propensity, partiality, prejudice, ability, aptitude, talent, gift
Bent Adjective Synonyms: curved, deflected, bowed, crooked, distorted

Other Words for Bequeath

Bequeath Verb Synonyms: leave, make over, will, pass on, hand down or on, transmit, devise

Other Words for Bequest

Bequest Noun Synonyms: legacy, inheritance

Other Words for Berate

Berate Verb Synonyms: scold, chide, rate, upbraid, revile, abuse, rail at, excoriate, castigate, objurgate, harangue

Other Words for Bereave

Bereave Verb Synonyms: deprive, strip, rob, dispossess

Other Words for Berserk

Berserk Adjective Synonyms: amok, mad, violent, wild, crazed, frenzied, maniacal

Other Words for Beseech

Beseech Verb Synonyms: supplicate, entreat, implore, plead (with), beg, importune, obsecrate

Other Words for Beset

Beset Verb Synonyms: encompass, surround, besiege, assail, attack, harass, harry, hector, bother, afflict, trouble

Other Words for Beside

Beside Preposition Synonyms: alongside, near, next to, with, close to, hard by, nearby, by

Other Words for Beside Oneself

Beside Oneself Preposition Synonyms: out of one's mind, at the end of one's rope, overwrought, agitated, upset, crazy, mad

Other Words for Beside The Point

Beside The Point Noun Synonyms: irrelevant, inapt, inappropriate, malapropos, incidental, immaterial, unimportant, pointless, inconsequential

Other Words for Besides

Besides Adverb Synonyms: in addition, additionally, also, further, furthermore, moreover, as well, too, to boot, on top of everything else, into the bargain
Besides Preposition Synonyms: over and above, above and beyond, in addition to, additionally to, as well as, aside from, barring, excepting, except for, excluding, exclusive of, not counting or including, beyond, apart from, other than

Other Words for Besiege

Besiege Verb Synonyms: lay siege to, beleaguer

Other Words for Best

Best Verb Synonyms: win (out) over, conquer, beat, surpass, overpower, get the better of, subdue, defeat, worst, vanquish, trounce, rout, crush, master, outdo, overwhelm, overcome, outwit
Best Adverb Synonyms: most excellently, to the fullest extent, in the most suitable way, most adroitly, most skilfully, most superbly, most artistically
Best Adjective Synonyms: superlative, unexcelled, finest, pre-eminent, first, superb, unsurpassed, superior, excellent, paramount, first-rate, A-1, A-one
Best Noun Synonyms: finest, first

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