Other Words for Babble

Babble Noun Synonyms
gibberish, nonsense, twaddle, prattle, chatter(ing), gibber, jabber, jibber-jabber, drivel, rubbish, bavardage, murmur, hubbub
Ella's conversation about the financial market is just so much babble.

Babble Verb Synonyms
prattle, twaddle, jabber, gibber, chatter, blab, blabber, gurgle, burble, gabble, blab, blabber, gab, yack, natter, witter, rabbit
The silly fellow kept babbling away, but no one was listening. Madelaine is still too young to talk and just babbles to herself.

divulge, tell, disclose, repeat, reveal, tattle, gossip, blurt (out), blab
Don't tell Nigel about the affair - he'll babble it all over town.

More Words for Babble

Tell / Murmur / Gossip / Nonsense / Gab