Other Words for Back

Back Adjective Synonyms
rear, service, servants'
Both back tyres are flat. Please use the back staircase from now on.

outlying, remote, isolated, distant, undeveloped, primitive, raw, rough, uncivilized
They raised three boys in the back country, all of them became doctors.

in arrears, overdue, past due, late, behindhand
The tax inspector has advised me that I owe thousands in back taxes.

Back Adverb Synonyms
to or toward(s) the rear, rearward(s), backward(s), away
We beat back the enemy in severe hand-to-hand fighting. I accepted his offer at once, lest he should draw back. Get back from the edge.

ago, in time(s) past
Two generations back, his was the finest house in the town.

behind, behindhand, in arrears, overdue
We are a week back in the rent.

Back Noun Synonyms
behind, following, pursuing, chasing, in back of
Here come the hounds at the back of the fox. You were at my back in the queue a minute ago.

backside, rear, dorsum
She stood with her back towards me.

Back Verb Synonyms
invest in, wager or bet on
She backed a 35-to-2 long shot in the Derby, she won.

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