Other Words for Backer

Backer Noun Synonyms
supporter, advocate, promoter, sponsor, patron
She has always been an enthusiastic backer of adult education.

bettor, punter
His backers are offering odds of 10 to 1.

investor, benefactor or benefactress, supporter, underwriter, angel
The play's backers have made huge profits.

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Linebacker (LB)

Entertainment / Football / Linebacker (LB): A player position on defense. The linebackers typically play 1 to 6 yards behind the defensive linemen and are the most versatile players on the field because they can defend both run and pass defense MORE


Entertainment / Football / Jumbo: An offensive package which includes two tight ends, a full back and a half back. Similar to heavy jumbo, in which either the half back or the fullback is replaced by another tight end. In a goal line MORE


Entertainment / Football / Rover: A hybrid safety that has duel responsibilities as a defensive back and a Linebacker. This is more commonly seen in college football more so than NFL, CFL, or AFL football. A perfect example this in us MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Cover: To make a spare; I covered the five pin. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Blitz: A defensive maneuver in which one or more linebackers or defensive backs, who normally remain behind the line of scrimmage, instead charge into the opponents' backfield. However, in the 3-4 defense, o MORE


Entertainment / Football / Package: The group of players on the field for a given play. For example, the Nickel Package substitutes a cornerback for either a linebacker or a defensive lineman (the latter is referred to as a 3-3-5 Nickel MORE