Other Words for Background

Background Noun Synonyms
distance, offing, horizon, obscurity
I like the way the coastline disappears into the background towards the edge of the painting.

history, experience, qualifications, credentials, grounding, training, breeding, upbringing, family, curriculum vitae, CV
His background suits him admirably for the post of ambassador.

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History / Family

Background Check-Investigation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Background Check-Investigation: Background Investigations and Reference Checks are the principal means by which employers actively check into the backgrounds of potential hires. Background investigations and reference checks fall wi MORE

Background Density

Entertainment / Photography / Background Density: Density of any selection of a negative or print on which there is no image. Also referred to as fog level. MORE

Background Level

Health / Disease / Background Level: An average or expected amount of a substance or radioactive material in a specific environment, or typical amounts of substances that occur naturally in an environment. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Coving: Plain curved background which has no edges, corners or folds and gives the impression of infinity. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Ambrotype: Mid-19th century photographic process introduced in 1851-52 by frederick scott archer and peter fry. It used weak collodion negatives which were bleached and backed by a black background which produce MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Incoherence: Speech or thinking that is essentially incomprehensible to others because words or phrases are joined together without a logical or meaningful connection. This disturbance occurs within clauses, in co MORE