Other Words for Backing

Backing Noun Synonyms
investment, money, funds, funding, subsidy, grant, sponsorship
How can you launch the company without backing.

support, help, aid, assistance, succor, approval, endorsement, patronage, approval, sponsorship
He knows that he can rely on the backing of his local party.

More Words for Backing

Grant / Support / Money / Help / Patronage / Aid

Backing It In

Technology / Motorcycle / Backing It In: Going into a corner with the rear of the motorcycle sliding while the rider is counter-steering. This is a way for a rider to scrub off speed and set the motorcycle up for a fast exit from the corner. MORE


Business / Finance / Piggybacking: A broker who trading stocks, bonds or commodities in a personal account following a trade just made for a customer. The broker assumes that the customer is making the trade on valuable inside informat MORE

Antihalation Backing

Entertainment / Photography / Antihalation Backing: Dye used on the back of most films capable of absorbing light which passes straight through the emulsion. In this way it reduces the amount of extraneous light that can be reflected from the camera ba MORE

National Bank Act Of 1863

Business / Real Estate / National Bank Act Of 1863: In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, at the urging of Salmon Chase, the Secretary of the Treasury, signed the National Bank Act. The Act established a national banking system and a uniform national cur MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Mount: Is a frame and/or backing used to support and protect prints and transparencies. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Base: The four points of the baseball diamond (first through third bases and home plate) that must be touched by a runner in order to score a run. MORE