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Backwards Adverb Synonyms
rearwards or rearward, in reverse, regressively, retrogressively, backward, withershins or widdershins, anticlockwise, counter-clockwise
The general, who refused to acknowledge defeat, explained that his troops were 'advancing backwards'. Do the clocks run backwards inalia, Daddy? .

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Backwards compatibility

Entertainment / Video Games / Backwards compatibility: This refers to the ability of new technology to run software designed for an earlier iteration of hardware. For example, the playstation 2 is able to run all games designed for the previous generation MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anagram: (Greekwriting back or anew): When the letters or syllables in a name, word or phrase are shuffled together or jumbled to form a new word. For instance, in Tanith Lee's short story, 'Bite-Me-Not, or Fl MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Chiasmus: (from Greek, 'cross' or 'x') A literary scheme in which the author introduces words or concepts in a particular order, then later repeats those terms or similar ones in reversed or backwards order. It MORE

Amphisbaenic Rhyme

Entertainment / Literature / Amphisbaenic Rhyme: A poetic structure invented by Edmund Wilson in which final words in strategic lines do not rhyme in the traditional sense, but rather reverse their order of consonants and vowels to appear backwards. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Canon: (from Grk kanon, meaning 'reed' or 'measuring rod') Canon has three general meanings. (1) An approved or traditional collection of works. Originally, the term 'canon' applied to the list of books to b MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Backswing: The backward movement of the body and club (away from the ball and target) in the golf swing in preparation for the downswing MORE