Other Words for Badly

Badly Adverb Synonyms
incorrectly, faultily, defectively, poorly, improperly, inaccurately, erroneously, unacceptably, ineptly, inartistically, amateurishly, awfully
He speaks English badly. He sings badly.

immorally, wickedly, viciously, mischievously, naughtily, shamefully, improperly, villainously
The school has had its share of badly behaved pupils.

unfavorably, damagingly, critically
Even her friends spoke badly of her.

very much, greatly, seriously
Peter is badly in need of extra money.

dangerously, severely, gravely, critically, grievously, seriously
Her father was badly wounded in the war.

distressfully, emotionally, hard
He took the news badly.

unkindly, cruelly, harshly, severely, wretchedly, dreadfully, improperly, atrociously, horribly, unspeakably
The prisoners were treated so badly that few survived.

unfortunately, unluckily, unsuccessfully, unfavorably, poorly
These are an improvement on the former rules, which worked badly.

poorly, defectively, insufficiently, inadequately, unsatisfactorily, carelessly, ineptly, shoddily, inadequately, deficiently
We lived in a badly furnished flat in the East End.

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Entertainment / Golf / Dub: (also 'duff, top') a badly misplayed shot, usually associated with the ball never leaving the ground as a result of hitting the top or side of the ball or hitting the ground well behind the ball MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Choke: Failing to perform in a positive manner when the pressure was on the player. To perform poorly in an important situation because of nerves. To become over-anxious and miss badly. MORE