Other Words for Bag

Bag Noun Synonyms
purse, handbag, evening bag, wallet, Highland dress sporran
She reached into her bag and felt the gun that the Commander had given her.

baggage, luggage, valise, satchel, grip, suitcase, overnight bag, carry-on luggage or bag, Gladstone bag, carpet-bag, portmanteau, toilet kit or case, sponge bag, briefcase, attach‚ case, dispatch- or despatch-case
Boarding in London I flew to Buenos Aires while my bag went to Seoul.

occupation, hobby, avocation, business, vocation, department, concern, affair, lookout, worry, thing
Peter's bag at the moment is learning to play the violin.

sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, carrier bag, poke, pocket
They have helpers at the supermarket who will carry your bags to your car for you.

crone, hag, beast, ogress, gorgon, nightmare, witch, harridan, beldam, old bat, dog, monster, two-bagger
Derek has been romancing some old bag for her money.

Bag Verb Synonyms
catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land, kill, shoot
We bagged six pheasants and two partridges this morning.

More Words for Bag

Catch / Kill / Thing / Affair / Trap / Sack / Shoot / Grip / Snare

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