Other Words for Balance

Balance Noun Synonyms
scale(s), steelyard
According to the balance, the package weighs two pounds.

control, command, authority, weight, preponderance
Britain held the balance of power during those decades.

equilibrium, stability, steadiness, footing, equiponderance, equality, harmony
The acrobat almost lost his balance on the high wire. It is important to maintain a balance between presentation and content.

remainder, residue, rest, excess, surplus, difference
You take these and I'll follow with the balance. My bank balance is down to zero.

Balance Verb Synonyms
weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate
We need to balance the advantages and the disadvantages.

steady, poise, equalize, stabilize, level, match, even out or up
The see-saw will balance better if both of you get on the other end.

compensate (for), make up for, counterbalance, offset, match, equal, counterpoise
The column of mercury in the barometer balances the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the bowl. The total of expenses seems to balance the total of income.

More Words for Balance

Equal / Control / Consider / Rest / Level / Excess / Equality / Poise / Match / Surplus / Weigh

Debit Balance

Business / Finance / Debit Balance: A type of stock that makes fixed payments at scheduled intervals of time. Debenture stock differs from a debenture in that it has the status of equity, not debt, in liquidation. MORE

Balanced Equation

Science / Chemistry / Balanced Equation: A description of a chemical reaction that gives the chemical formulas of the reactants and the products of the reaction, with coefficients introduced so that the number of each type of atom and the to MORE

Balance Hole

Entertainment / Bowling / Balance Hole: As a general rule, if you take a bowling ball and place the label in front of you and then exactly dissect the ball into two equal halfs, a right and left side, the gross weight of each half would be MORE

Order Imbalance

Business / Finance / Order Imbalance: Orders of one kind for a stock not offset by the opposite orders, which causes a wide spread between bid and offer prices. MORE

Account Balance

Business / Finance / Account Balance: Credits minus debits at the end of a reporting period. MORE

Adjusted Debit Balance (ADB)

Business / Finance / Adjusted Debit Balance (ADB): The account balance for a margin account that is calculated by combining the balance owed to a broker with any outstanding balance in the special miscellaneous account, and any paper profits on short MORE