Other Words for Bare

Bare Adjective Synonyms
unconcealed, undisguised, open, revealed, literal, bald, manifest, out-and-out, overt, uncovered, straightforward, direct, unvarnished, unembellished, cold, hard, plain, unadorned, basic, simple
The bare facts point to him as the culprit.

plain, mere, simple, minimal, essential, absolute, basic, meager, scant, scanty
For years we scraped by with only the bare necessities of life.

denuded, stripped, leafless, defoliated, shorn, barren, bared
After the storm the trees were entirely bare of foliage. The hurricane began blowing in earnest, the little ketch was driving forward under bare poles.

unfurnished, undecorated, vacant, stripped, empty
The landlord entered and found a bare flat - the tenants had done a moonlight flit.

unclothed, naked, nude, stark naked, unclad, exposed, uncovered, hatless, unshod, undressed , starkers, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, in the buff, bare-ass
He stood completely bare in the middle of the room.

Bare Verb Synonyms
disclose, reveal, lay bare, uncover, divulge, unfold, tell, expose, unmask, bring to light
Because of the way he had treated her, she decided to bare his secrets to the police. Benson bares his soul in his book.

strip, divest, denude, defoliate
The autumn winds bared all the trees in the arboretum.

expose, lay bare, uncover, reveal, open, undress, unveil
The torrential rain had washed away the soil, baring the clay and rock beneath. He tore off his shirt, baring his hairy chest.

More Words for Bare

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