Other Words for Bond

Bond Noun Synonyms
covenant, pact, contract, agreement, engagement, compact, treaty
To unite the party a bond of confederacy was formed.

connection, link, linkage, union, tie, relationship
The main bond between us was a shared love of the theatre. The bond between the veneer and the board should hold with a little more glue.

tie(s), shackles, chains, fetters, manacles, handcuffs, trammels, thongs, cord(s), rope(s), restraint(s), constraint(s), check(s), control(s), rein(s)
The council is hampered by the bonds of the old regulations.

Bond Verb Synonyms
cement, bind, hold together, stick, cohere
They use mortar to bond the bricks together.

More Words for Bond

Tie / Pact / Stick / Compact

Nine-Bond Rule

Business / Finance / Nine-Bond Rule: An NYSE rule requiring that orders for nine bonds or fewer stay on the floor for one hour to seek a market. MORE

Debenture Bond

Business / Finance / Debenture Bond: Any debt obligation backed strictly by the borrower's integrity, e.g. an unsecured bond. A debenture is documented in an indenture. MORE

Bull-Bear Bond

Business / Finance / Bull-Bear Bond: Bond whose principal repayment is linked to the price of another security. The bonds are issued in two tranches: In the first tranche repayment increases with the price of the other security, and in t MORE

Perpetual Bond

Business / Finance / Perpetual Bond: Nonredeemable bond with no maturity date that pays regular interest rates indefinitely. MORE

Bond Covenant

Business / Finance / Bond Covenant: A contractual provision in a bond indenture. A positive covenant requires certain actions, and a negative covenant limits certain actions. MORE

Cushion Bonds

Business / Finance / Cushion Bonds: The minimum period between the time a bond is issued and the time it is called. MORE