Other Words for Bureau

Bureau Noun Synonyms
(writing-)desk, chest of drawers, chest, dresser, chifferobe, chiffonier
Simon has a beautiful antique bureau in his office. One of my cuff-links rolled under the bureau.

office, agency, department, division, section, subdivision, subsection, desk
I sent the form to the bureau a month ago, but I still don't have my visa.

More Words for Bureau

Section / Office

Credit Bureau

Business / Finance / Credit Bureau: The surplus in a cash account with a broker after purchases have been paid for, plus the extra cash from the sale of securities. MORE

Bureau Of Land Management (BLM)

Business / Agriculture / Bureau Of Land Management (BLM): A bureau within the Department of the Interior that has exclusive jurisdiction over about 268 million acres of federally owned lands. Approximately one-third of this area is in Alaska. The majority of MORE

Bureau Of Reclamation (BOR)

Business / Agriculture / Bureau Of Reclamation (BOR): A bureau within the Department of the Interior, whose mission is to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources. The agency replaced the Reclamation Service, which was established pursuan MORE

Investors Service Bureau

Business / Finance / Investors Service Bureau: NYSE service that deals with all general inquiries concerning securities investments. MORE

National Quotation Bureau

Business / Finance / National Quotation Bureau: A service that publishes bid and offer quotes from market makers in OTC transactions. MORE

United States Weather Bureau

Science / Weather / United States Weather Bureau: The official name of the National Weather Service prior to 1970. MORE