Other Words for Charge

Charge Noun Synonyms: load, burden, weight, onus, impediment, care, concern, obligation
Charge Verb Synonyms: fill, imbue, load, instil, pervade, permeate, saturate, suffuse

Other Words for Charitable

Charitable Adjective Synonyms: generous, liberal, bountiful, munificent, unselfish, open-handed, magnanimous, philanthropic, public-spirited, unsparing, eleemosynary

Other Words for Charity

Charity Noun Synonyms: generosity, alms-giving, munificence, liberality, open-handedness, magnanimity, beneficence, philanthropy, unselfishness, humanity, humanitarianism, good will

Other Words for Charm

Charm Verb Synonyms: influence, control, subdue, bind, put a spell on, bewitch, enchant, seduce, hypnotize, mesmerize, enthral or enthrall, captivate, delight, fascinate, enrapture
Charm Noun Synonyms: amulet, talisman, fetish, rabbit's foot, good-luck piece

Other Words for Charmed

Charmed Adjective Synonyms: bewitched, spellbound, enchanted, magical

Other Words for Charmer

Charmer Noun Synonyms: enchanter, enchantress, sorcerer, sorceress, magician, vamp, siren, Circe, Cleopatra, Lorelei, temptress, seductress, seducer, Romeo, Valentino, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova, lady-killer, ladies' man, flatterer, smooth talker, (big-time) operator

Other Words for Charms

Charms Noun Synonyms: beauty, attractiveness, pulchritude, prettiness, handsomeness, appeal, allure, magnetism, pull, draw

Other Words for Chart

Chart Verb Synonyms: plot, plan, map (out), design
Chart Noun Synonyms: sea-chart, map

Other Words for Charter

Charter Noun Synonyms: document, contract, compact, agreement, covenant
Charter Verb Synonyms: license, authorize, document, commission, approve, certify, franchise, qualify, recognize

Other Words for Chase

Chase Noun Synonyms: hunting, hunt, pursuit

Other Words for Chaste

Chaste Adjective Synonyms: pure, virginal, virgin, celibate, abstinent, continent, virtuous, undefiled, stainless, unstained, unsullied, unblemished, decent, clean, good, wholesome, moral

Other Words for Chasten

Chasten Verb Synonyms: discipline, correct, chastise, punish, castigate

Other Words for Chastise

Chastise Verb Synonyms: punish, beat, thrash, belabour or belabor, spank, whip, flog, scourge, birch, cane, discipline, chasten, correct, censure, berate, scold

Other Words for Chastity

Chastity Noun Synonyms: purity, continence, virginity, maidenhood, maidenhead, virtue, celibacy, abstinence, abstention, abstemiousness, restraint, self-restraint, forbearance

Other Words for Chat

Chat Noun Synonyms: conversation, colloquy, talk, small talk, gossip, palaver, chit-chat, tˆte-…-tˆte, heart-to-heart, gab, chin-wag, confab, witter, natter, rap, gabfest, bull session
Chat Verb Synonyms: converse, gossip, talk, chit-chat, gab, chew the fat or the rag, jaw, witter, natter, rap, bullshit

Other Words for Chat Up

Chat Up Verb Synonyms: flirt or dally with, persuade, induce, prevail upon, tempt, lure, entice, inveigle, seduce, proposition

Other Words for Chatter

Chatter Verb Synonyms: prattle, gabble, jabber, prate, patter, gibber, cackle, jibber-jabber, chaffer, gab, jaw, natter, witter, rabbit on or away, waffle

Other Words for Cheap

Cheap Adverb Synonyms: inexpensively, cheaply, for a song, for twopence or tuppence
Cheap Adjective Synonyms: inexpensive, low-priced, bargain-priced, low-cost, sale-priced, cut-price, reasonable, economy, budget(-priced)

Other Words for Cheat

Cheat Noun Synonyms: swindler, deceiver, impostor, fraud, faker, fake, swindler, trickster, confidence man, con man, operator, charlatan, mountebank, rogue, shark, phony, snake-oil artist
Cheat Verb Synonyms: swindle, deceive, bilk, trick, con, take, fleece, defraud, euchre, hoax, hoodwink, con, take in, rook, flimflam, finagle, diddle, fiddle, move the goalposts, bamboozle, take for a ride, rip off

Other Words for Check

Check Verb Synonyms: stop, arrest, stay, halt, obstruct, block, limit, retard, slow, brake, curb, hinder, hamper, impede, thwart
Check Noun Synonyms: stop, stopping, cease, surcease, hesitation, cessation, stoppage, interruption, break, pause, balk or baulk, discontinuity, discontinuation, discontinuance, suspension

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