Other Words for Chiefly

Chiefly Adverb Synonyms: mainly, in particular, especially, particularly, above all, most of all, pre-eminently, principally, primarily, mostly, predominantly, largely, by and large, on the whole, in the main, generally, in general,ually, as a rule

Other Words for Child

Child Noun Synonyms: offspring, descendant, son or daughter, little one, youngster, progeny, issue, kid, nipper, sprog

Other Words for Childhood

Childhood Noun Synonyms: infancy, babyhood, boyhood or girlhood, youth, puberty, minority, adolescence, teens

Other Words for Childish

Childish Adjective Synonyms: childlike, juvenile, puerile, infantile, babyish, immature, inexperienced, naive, undeveloped, underdeveloped, retarded, silly, sophomoric

Other Words for Childlike

Childlike Adjective Synonyms: youthful, young, innocent, trustful, ingenuous, unsophisticated, naive, trusting, credulous, open, undissembling, unassuming, guileless, artless

Other Words for Chill

Chill Adjective Synonyms: cold, cool, numbing, chilling, chilly, raw, penetrating, icy, frigid, wintry, frosty, arctic, polar, glacial
Chill Noun Synonyms: coldness, cold, coolness, sharpness, nip
Chill Verb Synonyms: cool, freeze, refrigerate, ice

Other Words for Chilly

Chilly Adjective Synonyms: cool, coldish, cold, frigid, nippy, frosty, icy, crisp, chill

Other Words for Chime

Chime Verb Synonyms: ring, peal, toll, sound, tintinnabulate, clang, strike
Chime Noun Synonyms: bell, set of bells, carillon, ring, peal

Other Words for Chime In

Chime In Verb Synonyms: join in, blend, harmonize

Other Words for Chink

Chink Noun Synonyms: fissure, rift, crack, crevice, gap, opening, cleft, slit, aperture, cranny

Other Words for Chip

Chip Verb Synonyms: chisel, whittle, hew
Chip Noun Synonyms: fragment, piece, shard or sherd, splinter, flake, sliver, scrap, morsel, bit

Other Words for Chip In

Chip In Verb Synonyms: contribute, participate

Other Words for Chirp

Chirp Noun Synonyms: tweet, peep, twitter, chirrup, warble, trill, cheep, chitter, chirr
Chirp Verb Synonyms: tweet, peep, twitter, chirrup, warble, trill, cheep, chitter, chirr, pipe

Other Words for Chisel

Chisel Verb Synonyms: carve, cut, pare, groove, shape, engrave, grave

Other Words for Chivalrous

Chivalrous Adjective Synonyms: courtly, gracious, courteous, polite, gallant, noble, knightly, gentlemanly, considerate, kind, charitable, magnanimous

Other Words for Chivalry

Chivalry Noun Synonyms: knight-errantry, honor, bravery, courage, courtesy, politeness, courtliness, gallantry, nobility, virtuousness, righteousness, justness, fairness, impartiality, equitableness

Other Words for Choice

Choice Noun Synonyms: selection, election, preference, choosing, pick, acceptance
Choice Adjective Synonyms: select, exquisite, special, superior, prime, high-quality, excellent, pre-eminent, best, prize, first-rate, exceptional, preferred, desirable, ideal, rare, plummy

Other Words for Choke

Choke Verb Synonyms: suffocate, asphyxiate, smother, stifle, strangle, throttle, garrotte or garrote or garotte, burke

Other Words for Choke Down

Choke Down Verb Synonyms: suppress, repress, stifle, restrain

Other Words for Choke Off

Choke Off Verb Synonyms: smother, suppress, stifle, prohibit, frustrate, deny, obviate, cut off, stop, put a stop to, dissuade, discourage

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