Other Words for Clean

Clean Adverb Synonyms: completely, entirely, thoroughly, fully, totally, wholly, altogether, quite, utterly, absolutely
Clean Verb Synonyms: cleanse, wash, lave, (take a) shower, sponge, mop, scrub, scour, sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, launder, dry-clean, hoover, tidy, neaten, do up, straighten up or out, unclutter, bath, bathe
Clean Adjective Synonyms: pure, undefiled, unsullied, unmixed, unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted, uninfected, unspoiled or unspoilt, sanitary, disinfected, antiseptic, decontaminated, purified, sterile

Other Words for Clean Out

Clean Out Verb Synonyms: exhaust, deplete

Other Words for Clean Up

Clean Up Verb Synonyms: clean, cleanse, wash, (take a) shower, bath, take a bath, bathe, wash up

Other Words for Cleanse

Cleanse Verb Synonyms: clean, absterge, deterge, wash, scour, scrub

Other Words for Clear

Clear Adverb Synonyms: distinctly, clearly, starkly, perceptibly, discernibly, understandably, prominently
Clear Synonyms: unencumbered, free, net
Clear Adjective Synonyms: unclouded, cloudless, sunny, fair, sunlit, fine
Clear Verb Synonyms: exonerate, absolve, acquit, excuse, forgive

Other Words for Clear Out

Clear Out Verb Synonyms: remove, eliminate, take, cut away or down

Other Words for Clear Up

Clear Up Verb Synonyms: explain, elucidate, explicate, clarify, make plain or clear, disambiguate

Other Words for Clearance

Clearance Noun Synonyms: space, gap, hole, interval, separation, room, margin, leeway, allowance

Other Words for Clearly

Clearly Noun Synonyms: distinctly, starkly, plainly
Clearly Adverb Synonyms: evidently, apparently, manifestly, obviously, certainly, definitely, positively, unequivocally, unquestionably, incontestably, without doubt, undoubtedly, indubitably, demonstrably, absolutely, utterly

Other Words for Cleave

Cleave Adverb Synonyms: split, divide, cut, cut or chop or hew in two or asunder, bisect, halve, separate, slit, rive

Other Words for Clergyman

Clergyman Verb Synonyms: ecclesiastic, churchman, cleric, reverend, divine, man of the cloth, holy man, priest, minister, chaplain, father, rabbi, pastor, parson, rector, vicar, dean, canon, presbyter, prebendary or prebend, deacon, sexton, sacristan, guru
Clergyman Noun Synonyms: monk, friar, brother, monastic, religious

Other Words for Clerical

Clerical Noun Synonyms: ecclesiastical, churchly, pastoral, sacerdotal, priestly, hieratic, rabbinical, ministerial, monastic, apostolic, prelatic, papal, pontifical, episcopal, canonical
Clerical Adjective Synonyms: white-collar, office, professional, secretarial, stenographic, accounting, bookkeeping

Other Words for Clever

Clever Adjective Synonyms: skilled, talented, skilful, adroit, dexterous, gifted, agile, quick-witted, intelligent, perceptive, discerning, sharp, sharp-witted, adept, able, brainy

Other Words for Cliche

Cliche Adjective Synonyms: stereotype, bromide, trite saying, old saw or maxim, truism, platitude, commonplace, banality, chestnut

Other Words for Client

Client Noun Synonyms: customer, patron, shopper, patient

Other Words for Clientele

Clientele Noun Synonyms: clients, patrons, customers, custom, business, trade, patronage, following

Other Words for Cliff

Cliff Noun Synonyms: precipice, bluff, escarpment, scarp, crag, rock-face, cuesta, scar or scaur

Other Words for Climate

Climate Noun Synonyms: weather, clime

Other Words for Climax

Climax Noun Synonyms: culmination, height, acme, apex, summit, zenith, apogee, peak, high point, maximum, supreme moment

Other Words for Climb

Climb Verb Synonyms: creep, trail, twine, grow

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