Other Words for Cloth

Cloth Noun Synonyms: fabric, material, textile, stuff

Other Words for Clothe

Clothe Verb Synonyms: endow, invest, caparison, endue
Clothe Noun Synonyms: dress, attire, garb, apparel, outfit, fit out or up, accoutre or also accouter, kit out or up, tog up or out

Other Words for Clothes

Clothes Verb Synonyms: clothing, apparel, attire, wear, dress, garments, raiment, wardrobe, outfit, ensemble, vestment(s), duds, togs, gear, get-up glad rags, clobber, (set of) threads

Other Words for Clown

Clown Noun Plural Synonyms: jester, fool, zany, comic, comedian, funny man
Clown Noun Synonyms: buffoon, boor, rustic, yahoo, oaf, lout, clod, dolt, bumpkin, clodhopper, provincial, peasant, yokel, lummox, jerk, galoot or galloot, hick

Other Words for Clown Around

Clown Around Noun Synonyms: fool (around), play the fool, horse around or about, caper, cut a caper or capers, engage in high jinks or hijinks, cut up, cut didos

Other Words for Club

Club Noun Synonyms: association, society, organization, fraternity, sorority, fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, federation, union, guild, lodge, alliance, league, order, consortium, company
Club Verb Synonyms: cudgel, bat, bludgeon, mace, billy, truncheon, baton, staff, stick, cosh, blackjack

Other Words for Club Together

Club Together Verb Synonyms: band or join or league (together), team (up), join forces, combine, ally, associate, confederate, cooperate

Other Words for Clue

Clue Verb Synonyms: hint, suspicion, trace, intimation, suggestion, inkling, indication, pointer, lead, tip, tip-off, evidence, information, advice, key, answer, indicator

Other Words for Clue In

Clue In Noun Synonyms: hint, suggest, imply, intimate, inform, advise, indicate

Other Words for Clump

Clump Noun Synonyms: bunch, cluster, thicket, copse, wood, spinney
Clump Verb Synonyms: lump, mass, clod, chunk, hunk, wad, gob, glob

Other Words for Clumsy

Clumsy Verb Synonyms: awkward, ungainly, unwieldy, ungraceful, gawky, maladroit, unhandy, unskillful, inept, bungling, bumbling, cloddish, ox-like, bovine, uncoordinated, lubberly, oafish, gauche, butter-fingered, ham-fisted, ham-handed, cack-handed

Other Words for Cluster

Cluster Noun Synonyms: collection, bunch, group, knot, body, band, company, gathering, crowd, assembly, congregation, throng, flock, assemblage, swarm
Cluster Adjective Synonyms: collection, bunch, clutch, tuft, bundle

Other Words for Clutch

Clutch Verb Synonyms: seize, snatch, grab, grasp, take or lay hold of, hold, snag

Other Words for Clutches

Clutches Verb Synonyms: grasp at, hold, embrace

Other Words for Clutter

Clutter Noun Synonyms: mess, litter, jumble, mishmash, olla podrida, confusion, hash, gallimaufry, hotchpotch or also hodgepodge, muddle, farrago, medley

Other Words for Clutter Up

Clutter Up Noun Synonyms: mess up, litter, strew, make a shambles of

Other Words for Coach

Coach Noun Synonyms: tutor, trainer, instructor, teacher, mentor, crammer
Coach Verb Synonyms: carriage, bus, omnibus, motor coach

Other Words for Coagulate

Coagulate Verb Synonyms: congeal, gel, jell, clot, curdle, set

Other Words for Coarse

Coarse Adjective Synonyms: rude, boorish, loutish, crude, ill-mannered, unpolished, rough, uncouth, impolite, uncivil, unrefined
Coarse Verb Synonyms: rough, uneven, scratchy, prickly, bristly, crude, rough-hewn, unfinished, unrefined

Other Words for Coast

Coast Adjective Synonyms: seaside, seashore, shore, sea-coast, strand, beach, littoral, coastline, seaboard
Coast Noun Synonyms: glide, skim, slide, sail

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