Other Words for Coat

Coat Verb Synonyms: overcoat, greatcoat, jacket, anorak, parka, cagoule, cag
Coat Noun Synonyms: coating, layer, covering, overlay, film

Other Words for Coax

Coax Verb Synonyms: persuade, urge, wheedle, cajole, beguile, charm, inveigle, jolly, manipulate

Other Words for Cocky

Cocky Verb Synonyms: overconfident, arrogant, haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistical, proud, vain, prideful, cocksure, saucy, cheeky, brash

Other Words for Coddle

Coddle Adjective Synonyms: pamper, baby, cosset, mollycoddle, indulge, humour, spoil, cocker

Other Words for Code

Code Verb Synonyms: law(s), regulation(s), rule(s), jurisprudence, jus canonicum 'canon law', jus civile 'civil law', jus divinum 'divine law', jus gentium 'universal law', jus naturale 'natural law', corpus juris, pandect, common law, unwritten law
Code Noun Synonyms: cipher or cypher, cryptogram

Other Words for Coffin

Coffin Verb Synonyms: casket, pall, (pine) box, sarcophagus

Other Words for Cog

Cog Noun Synonyms: tooth, gear-tooth, sprocket, ratchet

Other Words for Cognizance

Cognizance Noun Synonyms: knowledge, awareness, knowledge, perception, notice, consciousness, mindfulness

Other Words for Coherent

Coherent Adjective Synonyms: understandable, sensible, comprehensible, intelligible, articulate, lucid, clear
Coherent Noun Synonyms: consistent, orderly, organized, well-organized, logical, rational, reasonable, well-ordered

Other Words for Cohort

Cohort Noun Synonyms: company, band, group, faction, set, body, corps
Cohort Adjective Synonyms: troop, squad, squadron, platoon, brigade, unit, cadre, wing, legion, detachment, contingent

Other Words for Coil

Coil Verb Synonyms: winding(s), circle(s), loop, whorl, spiral, helix, twist
Coil Noun Synonyms: wind, twist, coil, snake, wrap, enwrap, spiral, fake or flake (down)

Other Words for Coin

Coin Noun Synonyms: specie, money, currency, change, cash, silver
Coin Verb Synonyms: invent, create, conceive, originate, start, make up, fabricate, frame, concoct, think or dream up

Other Words for Coin It In

Coin It In Verb Synonyms: earn or make money, become wealthy, enrich oneself, rake it in

Other Words for Coincide

Coincide Verb Synonyms: fall or come or go together, line up, co-occur, correspond, synchronize, match, tally, agree, (be in) accord, equal, jibe

Other Words for Coincidence

Coincidence Verb Synonyms: co-occurrence, simultaneity, correspondence, concurrence, consistency, contemporaneity, synchronism, synchrony, coextension, coevality, coinstantaneity
Coincidence Noun Synonyms: congruence, matching, jibing, agreement, concord, accord, harmony, accordance, conformity, congruity, consonance, concomitance

Other Words for Coincidental

Coincidental Noun Synonyms: chance, lucky or unlucky, fortuitous, accidental, unexpected, unpredicted, unpredictable, unforeseen

Other Words for Cold

Cold Adjective Synonyms: chill, chilly, frosty, icy, keen, nippy, freezing, frigid, ice-cold, stone-cold, bitter, bitter-cold, raw, biting, biting-cold, numbing, gelid, wintry, hibernal, brumal, arctic, glacial, polar, hyperborean or hyperboreal, Siberian
Cold Noun Synonyms: head or chest or common cold, influenza, ague, (la or the) grippe, coryza, gravedo, sniffles, the flu, bug, sneezles and wheezles

Other Words for Cold-Blooded

Cold-Blooded Adverb Synonyms: poikilothermic or poikilothermal
Cold-Blooded Adjective Synonyms: unexcited, unemotional, cool, unimpassioned, unfeeling, callous, thick-skinned, insensitive, heartless, uncaring, stony, steely, stony-hearted, cold-hearted, imperturbable, unmoved, indifferent, unresponsive, unsympathetic, apathetic, dispassionate

Other Words for Cold-Hearted

Cold-Hearted Adjective Synonyms: insensitive, unsympathetic, apathetic, indifferent, unfeeling, uncaring, callous, thick-skinned, cold, cool, frigid, hard-hearted, heartless, unkind, thoughtless, unthoughtful, uncharitable, ruthless, pitiless, unmerciful, cruel, merciless, mean

Other Words for Collaborate

Collaborate Adjective Synonyms: cooperate, join (forces), work together, team up

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