Other Words for Coat

Coat Verb Synonyms: overcoat, greatcoat, jacket, anorak, parka, cagoule, cag
Coat Noun Synonyms: coating, layer, covering, overlay, film

Other Words for Coax

Coax Verb Synonyms: persuade, urge, wheedle, cajole, beguile, charm, inveigle, jolly, manipulate

Other Words for Cocky

Cocky Verb Synonyms: overconfident, arrogant, haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistical, proud, vain, prideful, cocksure, saucy, cheeky, brash

Other Words for Coddle

Coddle Adjective Synonyms: pamper, baby, cosset, mollycoddle, indulge, humour, spoil, cocker

Other Words for Code

Code Noun Synonyms: cipher or cypher, cryptogram
Code Verb Synonyms: law(s), regulation(s), rule(s), jurisprudence, jus canonicum 'canon law', jus civile 'civil law', jus divinum 'divine law', jus gentium 'universal law', jus naturale 'natural law', corpus juris, pandect, common law, unwritten law

Other Words for Coffin

Coffin Verb Synonyms: casket, pall, (pine) box, sarcophagus

Other Words for Cog

Cog Noun Synonyms: tooth, gear-tooth, sprocket, ratchet

Other Words for Cognizance

Cognizance Noun Synonyms: knowledge, awareness, knowledge, perception, notice, consciousness, mindfulness

Other Words for Coherent

Coherent Adjective Synonyms: understandable, sensible, comprehensible, intelligible, articulate, lucid, clear
Coherent Noun Synonyms: consistent, orderly, organized, well-organized, logical, rational, reasonable, well-ordered

Other Words for Cohort

Cohort Adjective Synonyms: troop, squad, squadron, platoon, brigade, unit, cadre, wing, legion, detachment, contingent
Cohort Noun Synonyms: company, band, group, faction, set, body, corps

Other Words for Coil

Coil Noun Synonyms: wind, twist, coil, snake, wrap, enwrap, spiral, fake or flake (down)
Coil Verb Synonyms: winding(s), circle(s), loop, whorl, spiral, helix, twist

Other Words for Coin

Coin Noun Synonyms: specie, money, currency, change, cash, silver
Coin Verb Synonyms: invent, create, conceive, originate, start, make up, fabricate, frame, concoct, think or dream up

Other Words for Coin It In

Coin It In Verb Synonyms: earn or make money, become wealthy, enrich oneself, rake it in

Other Words for Coincide

Coincide Verb Synonyms: fall or come or go together, line up, co-occur, correspond, synchronize, match, tally, agree, (be in) accord, equal, jibe

Other Words for Coincidence

Coincidence Noun Synonyms: congruence, matching, jibing, agreement, concord, accord, harmony, accordance, conformity, congruity, consonance, concomitance
Coincidence Verb Synonyms: co-occurrence, simultaneity, correspondence, concurrence, consistency, contemporaneity, synchronism, synchrony, coextension, coevality, coinstantaneity

Other Words for Coincidental

Coincidental Noun Synonyms: chance, lucky or unlucky, fortuitous, accidental, unexpected, unpredicted, unpredictable, unforeseen

Other Words for Cold

Cold Adjective Synonyms: chill, chilly, frosty, icy, keen, nippy, freezing, frigid, ice-cold, stone-cold, bitter, bitter-cold, raw, biting, biting-cold, numbing, gelid, wintry, hibernal, brumal, arctic, glacial, polar, hyperborean or hyperboreal, Siberian
Cold Noun Synonyms: head or chest or common cold, influenza, ague, (la or the) grippe, coryza, gravedo, sniffles, the flu, bug, sneezles and wheezles

Other Words for Cold-Blooded

Cold-Blooded Adjective Synonyms: unexcited, unemotional, cool, unimpassioned, unfeeling, callous, thick-skinned, insensitive, heartless, uncaring, stony, steely, stony-hearted, cold-hearted, imperturbable, unmoved, indifferent, unresponsive, unsympathetic, apathetic, dispassionate
Cold-Blooded Adverb Synonyms: poikilothermic or poikilothermal

Other Words for Cold-Hearted

Cold-Hearted Adjective Synonyms: insensitive, unsympathetic, apathetic, indifferent, unfeeling, uncaring, callous, thick-skinned, cold, cool, frigid, hard-hearted, heartless, unkind, thoughtless, unthoughtful, uncharitable, ruthless, pitiless, unmerciful, cruel, merciless, mean

Other Words for Collaborate

Collaborate Adjective Synonyms: cooperate, join (forces), work together, team up

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