Other Words for Compare

Compare Verb Synonyms: contrast, measure against, weigh, juxtapose, set side by side, relate, correlate
Compare Noun Synonyms: liken, associate, make (an) analogy (with), refer, analogize

Other Words for Comparison

Comparison Noun Synonyms: match, similarity, resemblance, likeness, comparability, relation, relationship, commensurability, kinship, point of agreement or correspondence
Comparison Verb Synonyms: contrasting, contrast, juxtaposing, juxtaposition, balancing, balance, weighing

Other Words for Compartment

Compartment Noun Synonyms: division, section, partition, part, space, chamber, bay, alcove, cell, pigeon-hole, locker, cubby-hole, niche, cubicle, slot

Other Words for Compensate

Compensate Noun Synonyms: recompense, make up (for), make restitution or reparation, offset, make good, indemnify, repay, reimburse, redress, requite, expiate, atone, make amends (for)
Compensate Verb Synonyms: balance, counterpoise, counterbalance, equalize, neutralize, even (up), square, offset

Other Words for Compensatory

Compensatory Verb Synonyms: compensative, remunerative, restitutive or restitutory, expiatory, reparative or reparatory, piacular

Other Words for Compete

Compete Adjective Synonyms: contend, vie, struggle, strive, conflict, joust, fence, fight, battle, clash, collide

Other Words for Competent

Competent Verb Synonyms: adequate, suitable, sufficient, satisfactory, acceptable, all right, OK, okay
Competent Adjective Synonyms: qualified, fit, capable, proficient, able, prepared

Other Words for Competition

Competition Noun Synonyms: contest, match, meet, game, tournament, event, championship
Competition Adjective Synonyms: rivalry, contention, striving, struggle

Other Words for Competitor

Competitor Noun Synonyms: rival, opponent, competition, opposition, adversary, antagonist, contestant, contender

Other Words for Compile

Compile Noun Synonyms: collect, put together, gather, accumulate, assemble, amass, collate, organize, order, systematize, anthologize, compose

Other Words for Complain

Complain Verb Synonyms: grumble, moan, groan, wail, grouse, carp (at), whimper, cry, lament, bemoan, gripe, squawk, grouch, whinge, bitch, beef, kick

Other Words for Complaint

Complaint Verb Synonyms: grumble, grievance, grouse, gripe, squawk , beef, kick

Other Words for Complement

Complement Verb Synonyms: crew, team, company, band, outfit, quota, allowance, quorum
Complement Noun Synonyms: completion, perfection, confirmation, finishing touch, consummation

Other Words for Complete

Complete Adjective Synonyms: finished, ended, concluded, over, done, accomplished, terminated, settled, executed, performed
Complete Verb Synonyms: entire, whole, intact, uncut, unbroken, undivided, unabridged, full, undiminished, unabated, unreduced

Other Words for Completely

Completely Adverb Synonyms: unqualifiedly, unconditionally, thoroughly, utterly, totally, absolutely, quite, altogether, unreservedly
Completely Verb Synonyms: entirely, fully, quite, wholly, totally, altogether, in toto, thoroughly, perfectly, exactly, precisely, down to the ground, from start to finish, from beginning to end, from A to Z, from the word go, in full

Other Words for Completion

Completion Adverb Synonyms: conclusion, end, close, termination, fulfilment, culmination, realization, accomplishment, finish
Completion Noun Synonyms: finishing, finalization, wind-up, finishing-off, completing

Other Words for Complexity

Complexity Noun Synonyms: complication, convolution

Other Words for Complicate

Complicate Noun Synonyms: mix up, entangle, snarl, tangle, confound, muddle, confuse
Complicate Verb Synonyms: make complicated or complex, make involved or intricate, make a shambles or mess or muddle of, mess up, screw up

Other Words for Complicated

Complicated Verb Synonyms: involved, intricate, complex, compound, elaborate, ornate, Byzantine, Daedalian, tangled, knotty, confused, labyrinthine

Other Words for Complication

Complication Noun Synonyms: difficulty, problem, predicament, dilemma, obstacle, obstruction, snag, drawback
Complication Adjective Synonyms: complexity, involvement, intricacy, convolution

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