Other Words for Compliment

Compliment Noun Synonyms: praise, homage, commendation, honor, tribute, flattery, bouquet, favour

Other Words for Complimentary

Complimentary Adjective Synonyms: free, gratis, on the house
Complimentary Verb Synonyms: laudatory, commendatory, encomiastic, panegyrical, eulogistic, congratulatory, flattering

Other Words for Compliments

Compliments Noun Synonyms: respects, regards, good or best wishes, felicitations, salutations, greetings

Other Words for Comply

Comply Adjective Synonyms: agree, obey, conform, consent, acquiesce, concur, submit, yield, accede, accord

Other Words for Compose

Compose Verb Synonyms: constitute, form, make (up), be a constituent or ingredient or component or element of, be a part of

Other Words for Compose Oneself

Compose Oneself Verb Synonyms: calm (down), quiet or quieten (down), pacify, control oneself, get control of or over oneself

Other Words for Composed Of

Composed Of Verb Synonyms: consist of, comprise, be formed or made (up) of, be constituted of

Other Words for Composition

Composition Verb Synonyms: theme, essay, article, paper, story
Composition Noun Synonyms: combination, make-up, structure, form, assembly, set-up, organization, layout, arrangement, configuration, shaping, balance, harmony, proportion, placement, placing, construction

Other Words for Compound

Compound Verb Synonyms: blend, merge, coalesce, combine, unite, fuse or also fuze, come or go together
Compound Noun Synonyms: put together, combine, mix, concoct, compose, make (up), formulate, blend
Compound Adjective Synonyms: composite, blend, synthesis, combination, consolidation, parasynthesis, parathesis, mixture, amalgam, alloy, merging, merger, mix

Other Words for Comprehend

Comprehend Noun Synonyms: understand, see, grasp, conceive, take in, apprehend, realize, fathom, perceive, discern, absorb, assimilate, appreciate

Other Words for Comprehensive

Comprehensive Verb Synonyms: inclusive, encompassing, thorough, extensive, full, exhaustive, complete, sweeping, wide, broad, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic

Other Words for Compulsive

Compulsive Adjective Synonyms: compelling, obsessive, coercive, urgent, forceful, overwhelming, constrained

Other Words for Compunction

Compunction Adjective Synonyms: remorse, contrition, regret, uneasiness of mind, pang or pricking of conscience, self-reproach
Compunction Noun Synonyms: hesitation, reluctance, reserve, disinclination, qualm, misgiving, unwillingness, fear

Other Words for Compute

Compute Noun Synonyms: calculate, reckon, figure (out), work out, determine, ascertain, estimate

Other Words for Comrade

Comrade Verb Synonyms: colleague, associate, friend, companion, chum, crony, confrŠre, pal, chum, mate, cobber, buddy

Other Words for Conceal

Conceal Noun Synonyms: hide, secrete, bury, cover, disguise, camouflage
Conceal Verb Synonyms: keep secret or hidden, keep quiet about, disguise, not reveal, dissemble

Other Words for Concede

Concede Verb Synonyms: admit, allow, grant, acknowledge, confess, own (up or to or up to), accept

Other Words for Conceit

Conceit Noun Synonyms: fancy, whim, caprice
Conceit Verb Synonyms: vanity, pride, egotism, self-esteem, self-admiration, self-love, narcissism, vainglory, amour propre, arrogance

Other Words for Conceited

Conceited Noun Synonyms: vain, egotistical, self-centred, egocentric, self-admiring, narcissistic, prideful, proud, arrogant, self-involved, self-important, self-satisfied, smug, complacent, vainglorious, snobbish, stuck-up, snotty

Other Words for Conceive

Conceive Verb Synonyms: formulate, devise, plan, contrive, create, plot, hatch, develop, evolve, fabricate, think or make up, form, frame, design
Conceive Adjective Synonyms: have, bear, beget, sire, father, give birth to, become pregnant (with)

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