Other Words for Concentrate

Concentrate Verb Synonyms: focus, direct, centre, centralize, converge, consolidate

Other Words for Conception

Conception Verb Synonyms: birth, beginning, genesis, inception, commencement, emergence, start, inauguration, initiation, launch, launching, origin, origination, formation, formulation, introduction
Conception Noun Synonyms: idea, notion, inkling, clue, concept, id‚e re‡u, understanding, knowledge, appreciation, comprehension

Other Words for Concern

Concern Verb Synonyms: affect, have (a) bearing or (an) influence on, involve, touch, interest, be of importance or interest to
Concern Noun Synonyms: refer or relate to, have relation or reference to, be about, pertain or appertain to, be pertinent or relevant to, regard, apply to, be connected or involved with, bear on, be germane to, be connected with, involve, apply to, touch (on)

Other Words for Concerned

Concerned Adjective Synonyms: troubled, vexed, anxious, worried, distressed, uneasy, perturbed, bothered, upset, disturbed
Concerned Noun Synonyms: involved, responsible, interested, active, caring, solicitous

Other Words for Concerning

Concerning Adjective Synonyms: about, regarding, relative or relating to, referring to, with or in reference to, as regards, in or with regard to, with an eye to, with respect to, respecting, apropos (of), as to or for, in the matter of, on the subject of

Other Words for Concise

Concise Preposition Synonyms: brief, terse, laconic, compact, direct, succinct, epigrammatic, cogent, pithy, compendious, summary, epigrammatic, trenchant, compressed, condensed, short, shortened, abridged, curtailed, abbreviated

Other Words for Concrete

Concrete Adjective Synonyms: real, actual, literal, realistic, authentic, valid, genuine, bona fide, reliable, specific, particular, definite, definitive, clear-cut, material, physical, tangible, substantial

Other Words for Condemn

Condemn Verb Synonyms: convict, find guilty, sentence, doom
Condemn Adjective Synonyms: censure, blame, criticize, remonstrate with or against, denounce, disparage, reproach, rebuke, reprove, scold, reprimand, upbraid

Other Words for Condemned

Condemned Verb Synonyms: doomed, damned, destined, fated, ordained, foreordained, consigned

Other Words for Condescend

Condescend Verb Synonyms: stoop, deign, lower or humble or demean oneself, come down off one's high horse

Other Words for Condescending

Condescending Verb Synonyms: patronizing, belittling, disdainful, contemptuous, pompous, overbearing, high-handed, imperious, snobbish, haughty, snooty, toffee-nosed, snotty

Other Words for Condition

Condition Noun Synonyms: stipulation, proviso, demand, requirement, term, qualification, contingency, requisite, prerequisite
Condition Adjective Synonyms: state, circumstance(s), shape
Condition Verb Synonyms: train, educate, teach, brainwash, influence, mould, persuade

Other Words for Conditions

Conditions Noun Synonyms: circumstances, quarters, environment

Other Words for Conduct

Conduct Verb Synonyms: behavior, actions, demeanor, manners, deportment, comportment, attitude
Conduct Noun Synonyms: guidance, direction, management, supervision, leadership, administration, government, running, handling, control, command, regulation, operation

Other Words for Conduct Oneself

Conduct Oneself Verb Synonyms: behave, act, demean, deport, comport, acquit

Other Words for Confer

Confer Verb Synonyms: converse, consult, deliberate, talk (over), discuss, take counsel

Other Words for Conference

Conference Verb Synonyms: meeting, convention, symposium, congress, seminar, forum, colloquium, discussion, talk, colloquy, bull session

Other Words for Confess

Confess Noun Synonyms: disclose, acknowledge, admit, own (up or to or up to), declare, avow, make a clean breast (of), reveal, divulge, confirm, concede, affirm, aver, testify, disbosom oneself, come clean

Other Words for Confidence

Confidence Noun Synonyms: assurance, self-confidence, self-assurance, self-reliance, poise, aplomb, coolness, conviction, certitude, boldness, courage, nerve
Confidence Verb Synonyms: trust, reliance, faith, belief

Other Words for Confident

Confident Adjective Synonyms: self-confident, self-assured, self-possessed, reliant, self-reliant, dauntless, bold, cool, cocksure, fearless, courageous, cocky
Confident Noun Synonyms: secure, sure, certain, assured, positive, convinced

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