Other Words for Confidential

Confidential Adjective Synonyms: private, secret, intimate, classified, hush-hush

Other Words for Confirm

Confirm Verb Synonyms: establish, settle, affirm, ensure, clinch, substantiate, guarantee, bind, seal
Confirm Adjective Synonyms: ratify, sanction, authorize, endorse, support, sustain, approve, uphold, back up, validate, verify, recognize, authenticate, accredit

Other Words for Confiscate

Confiscate Verb Synonyms: appropriate, seize, impound, sequester, sequestrate, expropriate, take (away), commandeer

Other Words for Conflict

Conflict Verb Synonyms: fight, battle, combat, engagement, struggle, war, fray, fracas, affray, brawl, Donnybrook
Conflict Noun Synonyms: dispute, argument, controversy, wrangle, contention, disagreement, altercation, feud, quarrel, row, squabble, tiff, spat

Other Words for Conform

Conform Verb Synonyms: comply (with), follow, observe, obey, respect, abide by, adapt or adjust (to)

Other Words for Confuse

Confuse Verb Synonyms: disconcert, perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify, baffle, bemuse, befuddle, discomfit, confound, fluster, flummox, upset, disorient, embarrass, abash, shame, dismay, rattle, throw, discombobulate , buffalo

Other Words for Confused

Confused Verb Synonyms: mixed up, jumbled, disordered, disorganized, disorderly, muddled, muddle-headed, snarled (up), messy, baffling, confusing, mystifying, puzzling, perplexing, contradictory, ambiguous, misleading, inconsistent, mixed up, botched (up)
Confused Adjective Synonyms: bewildered, perplexed, puzzled, baffled, (be)fuddled, mystified, disoriented, discomposed, at sea, flummoxed, dazed, muddled, bemused, mixed up, nonplussed, disconcerted, abashed, put off, put out, disturbed, flustered, ill at ease, upset, at sixes and se

Other Words for Confusion

Confusion Adjective Synonyms: disorder, mix-up, mess, jumble, muddle, disarray, disarrangement, chaos, shambles
Confusion Noun Synonyms: tumult, commotion, disorder, turmoil, pandemonium, bedlam, chaos

Other Words for Congested

Congested Noun Synonyms: (over)crowded, blocked (up), jammed, crammed, plugged, stopped or stuffed (up), choked

Other Words for Congratulate

Congratulate Adjective Synonyms: felicitate, compliment

Other Words for Congratulations

Congratulations Verb Synonyms: Felicitations!, Best wishes!, Well done!, Many happy returns!, Nice going!, Good show!

Other Words for Connect

Connect Interjectionection Synonyms: join or link or tie (together), unite
Connect Verb Synonyms: associate, affiliate, link, relate, league, tie (in)

Other Words for Connection

Connection Noun Synonyms: link, tie, (inter)relation(ship), interplay, bearing, reference, relevance, appropriateness, correlation, tie-in, coherence, consistency, association
Connection Verb Synonyms: uniting, joining, linking, connecting, coupling, union, bond, joint, link

Other Words for Connections

Connections Noun Synonyms: relatives, relations, family, kin, kith and kin

Other Words for Conquer

Conquer Noun Synonyms: overcome, vanquish, beat, defeat, subdue, crush, subjugate
Conquer Verb Synonyms: capture, seize, win, gain, acquire, obtain, occupy, annex, overrun

Other Words for Conquest

Conquest Noun Synonyms: victory, triumph, mastery, win
Conquest Verb Synonyms: vanquishment, subjugation, defeat, domination, subjection

Other Words for Conscience

Conscience Noun Synonyms: morality, morals, judgment, fairness, sense of right and wrong, ethics, honor, standards, principles, scruples

Other Words for Conscientious

Conscientious Adjective Synonyms: cautious, careful, scrupulous, exacting, meticulous, punctilious, painstaking, diligent, particular, rigorous, thorough
Conscientious Noun Synonyms: scrupulous, principled, fair, moral, ethical, strict, righteous, right-minded, upstanding, upright, honourable, just, responsible, high-minded, incorruptible

Other Words for Conscious

Conscious Adjective Synonyms: aware, awake, alert

Other Words for Consent

Consent Adjective Synonyms: agree, comply, concur, accede, acquiesce, concede, yield, submit, cede, conform, give in
Consent Verb Synonyms: permit, allow, agree to, give in to, approve, authorize

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