Other Words for Contradict

Contradict Verb Synonyms: deny, gainsay, dispute, controvert, argue against, oppose

Other Words for Contradictory

Contradictory Verb Synonyms: inconsistent, paradoxical, incongruous, conflicting, incompatible, discrepant, ambiguous, ambivalent

Other Words for Contraption

Contraption Adjective Synonyms: contrivance, device, gadget, mechanism, apparatus, widget, thingumabob or thingamabob, thingumajig or thingamajig, thingummy, whatsit, doodah, thingy, gizmo or gismo, Rube Goldberg (invention), whatchamacallit, gubbins

Other Words for Contrary

Contrary Noun Synonyms: opposite, opposing, opposed, different, contradictory, conflicting, antagonistic
Contrary Adjective Synonyms: antagonistic, perverse, contrarious, hostile, unfriendly, inimical, cross-grained, refractory, contumacious, self-willed, argumentative, unaccommodating, antipathetic, froward

Other Words for Contrast

Contrast Verb Synonyms: conflict, differ or diverge or deviate
Contrast Adverb Synonyms: juxtapose, oppose, compare, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, set or place against, set off

Other Words for Contribute

Contribute Noun Synonyms: give, furnish, donate, bestow, grant, present, provide, supply

Other Words for Contribute To

Contribute To Verb Synonyms: add to, promote, advance, help, aid, support, forward, have a hand in, play a part or role in

Other Words for Control

Control Noun Synonyms: restraint, check, curb, mastery, command, dominance, domination
Control Verb Synonyms: command, dominate, direct, steer, pilot, hold sway over, rule, exercise power or authority over, govern, manage, lead, conduct, be in control (of), call the tune, guide, oversee, supervise

Other Words for Controversial

Controversial Adjective Synonyms: polemical, dialectic, litigious, factious
Controversial Noun Synonyms: debatable, disputable, questionable, moot, doubtful, unsettled

Other Words for Controversy

Controversy Noun Synonyms: argument, dispute, disagreement, quarrel, squabble, tiff, spat
Controversy Adjective Synonyms: dispute, debate, contention, argument, argumentation, disputation, wrangling, confrontation, questioning, disagreement

Other Words for Convalesce

Convalesce Noun Synonyms: recover, improve, get better, recuperate

Other Words for Convenient

Convenient Verb Synonyms: suitable, commodious,eful, helpful, handy, serviceable, expedient, opportune, advantageous
Convenient Noun Synonyms: handy, nearby, within (easy) reach, at one's fingertips, close at hand, available, accessible, (at the) ready

Other Words for Convention

Convention Noun Synonyms: assembly, meeting, gathering, congregation, congress, conference, symposium, council, conclave, diet, synod, seminar

Other Words for Conventional

Conventional Noun Synonyms: customary, habitual,ual, normal, regular, standard, orthodox, traditional, established, ordinary, everyday, common, commonplace, accustomed, received, agreed, reactionary, old-fashioned, stodgy, stuffy, old hat

Other Words for Converge

Converge Adjective Synonyms: come or go together, meet, join, unite, merge, coincide, blend

Other Words for Conversation

Conversation Verb Synonyms: discussion, talk, chat, dialogue, colloquy, parley, chit-chat, gossip, discourse, palaver, chin-wag

Other Words for Conversationalist

Conversationalist Noun Synonyms: deipnosophist

Other Words for Converse

Converse Noun Synonyms: discuss, talk, speak, chat, parley, discourse, gossip, chatter

Other Words for Convert

Convert Verb Synonyms: change, modify, alter, transform, transmute, mutate, transfigure, transmogrify, remodel, remake, metamorphose

Other Words for Convict

Convict Verb Synonyms: prisoner, captive, con, jailbird oralso gaolbird, lag
Convict Noun Synonyms: find or prove guilty

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